The TL;DR November 12, 2019


This week we’re talking about tips for a smooth eCommerce process, culture insights from Twitter, and natural language processing. In case you missed last week’s edition, you can read it here.

4 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Shopper’s Experience

With no long lines, no crowds, and more variety, shopping online is easy. Below are 4 tips to ensure frictionless commerce. You can read more details here.


  1. Have a mobile app: 78% of customers prefer shopping via an app over a mobile site. Along with being faster and more convenient, apps increase customer loyalty due to personalization and push notifications.
  2. Practice deep linking: A deep link is a URL that will take your customer directly into a specific location within your app. The fewer steps a user needs to take, the smoother your buying process is.
  3. Use QR codes: Cameras on smartphones can decipher these codes and quickly move users through their shopping experience.
  4. Cultivate an interactive experience: Take advantage of user-generated content or explore the use of augmented reality (it’s easier than you think). Each of these plays in favor of the customer, improving user experience.

6 Key Trends Everyone Is Talking About on Twitter

Twitter is where the conversation always starts, and they recently released research on important cultural shifts. Read the top trends below, found on Social Media Today, and be sure to check out the full report from Twitter.


  1. Well Being: No longer are diets and physical appearance hot topics. A healthy mind and whole-body wellness are cultural priorities.
    • Data-Driven Bodies: We are seeing an increase in health-focused technology with DNA testing, sleep monitoring apps, and even hormone tracking.
    • Holistic Health: People are looking to natural alternatives and mind-body connection through methods such as intermittent fasting or using CBD oil.
    • Being Well Together: Mental health issues are no longer as stigmatized as they once were. Spreading love and raising awareness are now the driving forces of the conversation.
  2. Everyday Wonder: The more we learn about our universe, the more we want to know.
    • DIY Spirituality: Inspired by the universe, people are exploring personal approaches to spirituality with astrology and tarot cards.
    • In Awe of Nature: Fascination and reverence for nature are on the rise with climate change awareness, nature photography, urban gardening, and more.
    • Cosmic Fascination: There is a growing interest in the cosmos as the possibility of living on other planets becomes more feasible.
  3. One Planet: We’re holding ourselves and our communities to higher standards.
    • Ethical Self: Eco-focused lifestyles are all the rage.
    • Sustainable Steps: With the threat of climate change looming over us, people are more mindful of their carbon footprint and focused on creating a better future.
    • Clean Corporations: People are holding businesses accountable for their actions and praise those companies that are eco-friendly.
  4. Creator Culture: Makers, builders, and entrepreneurs are pushing creativity into the conversation.
    • Creative Currency: With the help of technology, creativity has become more personal and easier to access.
    • Hustle Life: More people want to be the creator of their own destinies and are seeking to monetize their creativity.
    • Connecting Through Video: With hashtag challenges and capturing viral content, video is quickly becoming the main medium for our culture.
  5. Tech Life: Excitement surrounds technology. People want to be more connected, more efficient, and faster than ever.
    • Blended Realities: The reality we know is expanding with augmented reality and AI.
    • Future Tech: Cities, workspaces, and homes are getting smarter thanks to technology and the new 5G network.
    • Tech Angst: Anxiety around technology is common especially with the exploration of human-machine dialogue.
  6. My Identity: People are more empowered to show off their true selves.
    • Fandom: Being part of a community with similar interests in TV, music, and literature is shaping individuals’ identities.
    • Gender Redefined: People are breaking free from binary labels to redefine the norm and create a safe space for self-acceptance.
    • Represent Me: People want diversity and demand representation and inclusion.

What You Should Know About Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is an AI tool that can improve customer service and automated responses. Get to know NLP with this infographic and read more on Social Media Today.