The TL;DR November 19, 2019


This week we’re covering a newly improved LinkedIn feature, tips for a user-friendly loyalty app, and the Do’s and Don’t’s of email marketing. Missed last week’s edition? Check it out here!

4 Ways To Improve Engagement On Your Customer Loyalty App

The average consumer is active in six loyalty programs, so how do you make yours stand out? See four different ways below and read more on MarTech Today.


  1. Include attention-grabbing visuals: Take advantage of new advances in AI to appeal to your customers. Give them the user interface they never knew they wanted.
  2. Tailor your app to enhance in-store shopping: Your app shouldn’t just be something they use at home – it should seamlessly transition from one location to another. One way to do this is via mobile payment. The ease to buy products with loyalty points or their stored card info saves time for customers, improving their overall experience.
  3. Continue customer interaction outside the store: Customer relations doesn’t stop at the store doors. Use incentives like levels of loyalty, games, or badges to keep them coming back for more.
  4. Provide customer support: Be there for your consumers – simple as that. FAQs, live chats, and contact forms can all provide open communication that is beneficial to both the consumer and the company.

LinkedIn Returns Feature To Invite Connections To Follow A Company Page

Once upon a time, Linkedin allowed users to invite connections to follow a company page. It was then removed due to spam, re-introduced, removed again and has finally returned. Don’t worry – there are new and improved restrictions on this feature to keep spam away. Read the details below and find more on Social Media Today.


10 Email Marketing Do’s & Don’t’s To Ensure Your Campaign Is On Point

Email marketing is the top-performing digital marketing channel. To make sure your campaign is the most effective, follow these dos & don’ts and read more on Social Media Today.