The TL;DR November 26, 2019

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This week we’re talking 2020 SEO trends, Facebook’s new ad placement control, and engaging your audience with storytelling. Just in case you missed last week’s edition, we have it right here for you.

5 Major SEO Trends That Will Influence Your Work in 2020

SEO allows you to always have a hand on the pulse and provide the best results for your clients. Practices such as putting relevant keywords in your title and optimizing for mobile users still stand, but here are 5 new trends to know. You can find more details on MarTech Today.


  1. Zero-Click Searches are the new normal: Featured snippets, recipes, local packs, and more make it so users don’t have to visit a page to get info.
    • Don’t panic – these searches mean people want your address, phone number, or a quick answer. They likely wouldn’t have converted anyway, but they’ll remember that you helped them for future needs.
    • Figure out what keywords can bring you clicks and maximize content towards those.
  2. Try to optimize for Rich and Featured snippets: In addition to title and description, Rich snippets show images, reviews, etc. A Featured snippet is an entire block of information shown at the top of a SERP (search engine results page).
    • In order to get both of these types of snippets, your data must be structured. You can find a How-To guide here.
    • When looking for opportunities for Featured snippets, look for specific keywords for which your competitors already have a Featured snippet.
  3. Local SEO is changing: A good number of zero-click through searches are local searches. The results are shown on the SERP itself in Local Packs but might not translate to mobile devices seamlessly.
    • Create a Google My Business page for your company to cover a vast number of searches with keywords such as “near me” or “phone number”.
    • Have a solid backlink profile – preferably one that Google deems locally authoritative.
    • Always remember to track your local ranking performance and keep in mind that the least change in location will influence the kind of results that the user will get.
  4. The machines are here to stay: Google’s newest algorithm for 2020 is the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or BERT.
    • This NLP technique is used for analyzing the structure of a search to better understand the context in which keywords are used.
    • BERT requires good content to begin with for better intent matching results.
  5. Brand building should be a priority: With organic social not thriving as it once did, it’s likely that paid ads will become more prevalent, bringing brand awareness to the forefront.
    • Go and build relevant mentions. Linkless mentions are on the rise as Google and Bing confirmed those are used as ranking signals.
    • Utilize social listening tools to monitor your channels as well as your competitors’ channels and to engage with your audience directly.

Facebook Adds New Options for Brands to Control Ad Placements

Facebook introduced new brand safety tools that will allow businesses to better control where their ads appear across the social channel. Take a look at these new options Facebook is adding and find more on details here.


How to Engage and Persuade Your Audience Through Storytelling

Content is king, right? Utilizing the power of storytelling can drastically improve your content and thus the connection you have with your audience. See the infographic below and read more on Social Media Today.

Infographic on how to use storytelling in your content.