Entertainment in 2020: Streaming Solidifies Its Empire and Broadcast Continues to Decline

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Hand on a FireTV remote in front of a blurred tv screen

The New York Times recently wrote that “every three decades, or roughly once a generation, Hollywood [and media] experience a seismic shift. The transition from silent films to talkies in the 1920s. The rise of broadcast television in the 1950s. The raucous “I Want My MTV” cable boom of the 1980s. It is happening again. The long-promised streaming revolution — the next great leap in how the world gets its entertainment — is finally here.” 

Last year at the SCAD ATVfest in Atlanta, I predicted that Broadcast TV would become the home of “Event TV,” breaking news, sports, and live programs. Cable would continue to serve the discerning viewer of Drama and Comedy, while the stream will encompass all of it.  

Since then, Sling TV and Hulu and others have added live content, Amazon is into sports, and Netflix is the world’s leader in entertainment, as evidenced by the stunning Oscar nomination dominance.

Here’s what’s coming in 2020:

And finally, as we enter a new decade…

And one more thing…

”Netflix was the highest performing stock of the decade, delivering a 4,000% return” -CNBC

Happy New Year everyone.