The TL;DR February 25, 2020

4 minutes
TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re discussing the benefits of drone videography, utilizing insights-driven marketing, and steps for creating website content. If you missed the latest edition, you can read it here.

Benefits of Drone Video for Businesses

Video should be a focal point of your marketing efforts, especially considering it’s the best performing content type across social platforms. And why not take it a step further with drone videography? Take a look at the benefits of drone video and read more on Social Media Today.


6 Ways Marketers Can Utilize Insights-Driven Marketing

Insights-driven marketing leads to improved customer satisfaction and enhanced customer loyalty. Read on to understand data and how to organize, analyze, and apply your insights. Find more details on Social Media Today.


  1. Prepare data for insights-driven marketing. Collect and organize detailed customer information, such as demographics, education, interests, lifestyle, social profiles, and professional experience.
  2. Improve the customer experience. Use data to distribute targeted ads and marketing campaigns that align with consumers.
  3. Create personalized marketing messages. Data enables you to easily personalize messages to connect one-on-one with each customer, instead of sending a one-size-fits-all message.
  4. Advance product development. Equipped with data and a better understanding of their consumers, brands can develop products that are a better fit for the specific market.
  5. Improve sales funnel efficiency. Marketers can identify which specific pieces of content are moving prospects through the sales funnel and optimizing their campaigns, increasing conversion rates and ROI.
  6. Leverage insights-driven marketing as a competitive advantage. Differentiate your brand against your competition by keeping up with consumer expectations with detailed, organized data.

5 Tips to Improve Your Website Content and Outperform Your Competitors

Better content gets bigger results. And how do you improve your content on your website? View the infographic below for tips and find more information on Social Media Today.

Infographic with tips for creating better website content.