The TL;DR February 4, 2020

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TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re looking at tips for scaling content production, Google’s chatbots, and marketing predictions for the coming decade. If you missed last week’s edition, you can read it here.

5 Tips for Scaling Content Production Without Sacrificing Quality

Shifting your team’s focus on content quantity can negatively impact the quality of your marketing efforts. Maintaining a balance of quality and quantity is challenging, but these five tips will help. Find more details on Social Media Today.


  1. Assemble the right team. Hire professional writers with content marketing experience and knowledge of your brand’s voice. Additionally, outsourcing is viable and frees up editors’ time so as to focus on ideation.
  2. Provide appropriate info & resources. Equip your writers with any information such as articles, research for inspiration, or details about the audience. Your high-quality content should always meet the objectives of your content marketing strategy.
  3. Establish a workflow. Outline a detailed process from ideation to evaluation so that the quality of your content does not go overlooked.
  4. Scale content promotion. Get the most ROI by continuously leveraging targeted, scaled promotion.
  5. Repurpose high-performing, existing content. Repurpose your most popular, engaging content into different formats and update older posts with newer, better information.

Google is Working on Chatbots That Can Engage in Genuine, Human Conversations

Chatbots tend to be highly specialized and performance is dependent upon the user sticking to the expected verbiage. Find out about Google’s chatbot that can handle a wider range of conversational topics and read more on Social Media Today.


10 Marketing Predictions for the Upcoming Decade

Top leaders in the field have shared their thoughts on the future of marketing and what that means for the way you market your business. View the full article on Social Media Today.

Infographic on 10 marketing predictions for upcoming decade.