The TL;DR March 24, 2020

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TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re discussing tips for working from home, a checklist for your next marketing email, and ways to increase your content marketing conversion rate. Didn’t read last week’s edition? Click here to read it!

14 Tips to Successfully Work From Home

With more people working from home than ever before, it’s important to stay productive in our home offices. Check out these fourteen tips below and find more on HubSpot.


  1. Get started early. Dive into your to-do list as soon as you wake up to beat morning sluggishness.
  2. Pretend like you are going into the office. Do all the things you’d do to prepare for a day at the office: set your alarm, get coffee, and wear nice clothes.
  3. Structure your day like you would in the office. Segment what you’ll do and when so that you stay on schedule.
  4. Choose a dedicated workspace. Set yourself up in a specific room or surface rather than cooped up in your room or on a couch.
  5. Make it harder for yourself to mess around on social media. Log out of every account and remove them from your browser shortcuts to reduce distraction.
  6. Commit to doing more. Overestimate the number of tasks you’ll get done so that even if you come up short on your goal, you’ll complete a good number of tasks.
  7. Work when you’re at your most productive. Know your natural ebb and flow of how you work and schedule your day accordingly.
  8. Save calls for the afternoon. Phone calls, meetings, and other collaborative work may be best when everyone has officially “woken up.”
  9. Use laundry as a work timer. Use the time to start and finish something from your to-do list before changing the load.
  10. Take clear breaks. Go for a walk outside or spend time with others who might be in the house.
  11. Prepare your meals the night before. Don’t use precious minutes making your food the day of work.
  12. Interact with other humans. When most of your day is solitary, it’s a good idea to see another face and socialize a bit.
  13. Keep the TV on in the background. Have something on in the background at low volume to create white noise and simulate office energy.
  14. Pick a definitive finishing time each day. Set an alarm at the end of the day that will alert you when to call it quits so that you can maintain a clear work-life balance.

13 Things to Check Before Sending Your Next Marketing Email

Mistakes happen – we’re human after all. But avoiding email marketing embarrassment and the poor results that accompany it is as simple as running through this checklist. You can read more details on HubSpot.


  1. Broken links. Check every link to make sure each one works.
  2. Forgotten links. Double-check to make sure everything that’s supposed to be linked is indeed linked.
  3. Broken social media sharing buttons. If you don’t already include these, check out this how-to. Otherwise, be sure to test that your social sharing buttons are working.
  4. Spelling & grammar errors. Ensure that your content is proofed and reviewed.
  5. Distorted images. Check to make sure your images are optimized and displaying correctly.
  6. Wonky formatting. Test the email in your inbox and adjust formatting if need be.
  7. Color issues. Pro tip: The visibility of your email’s copy should never depend on the background color of your email.
  8. Subject line & sender name. Keep your subject line to 50 characters or less and change your sender name to someone from the marketing team, as emails sent by a real person are more likely to be clicked on than emails sent from a company name.
  9. Functioning dynamic tag. Only use dynamic tags that most people on your list have provided information for.
  10. Fulfilled CANSPAM Each email should clearly identify who is sending the email and must include a physical mailing address and an unsubscribe option.
  11. Option to view on the web. This way if the content isn’t rendering for your recipient, they can easily click over to the web-based version.
  12. Plain text formatting. Optimize your email for plain text by looking for the following in your test: similar copy to the HTML version, compelling copy, shortened links, all caps in headers, and plain text bullet points.
  13. Accessibility across devices, browsers, and email clients. Test your email on your audience’s preferred devices and browsers.

10 Ways to Increase Your Content Marketing Conversion Rate

First, strategize your content marketing with the help of our comprehensive guide. Then, focus your efforts on turning your website visitors into qualified leads. Take a look at these ten ideas and view more info on Social Media Today.

Infographic with tips to improve content marketing conversion rate.