The TL;DR March 3, 2020

4 minutes
TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re discussing ways to make your blog posts shareworthy, copy tips for writing tweets, and design tips for your contact page. You can also find last week’s edition here if you missed it.

6 Steps for Creating Shareworthy Blog Posts

A blog is your most important owned property. This content shows thought leadership and assures your consumers that you’re keeping up with the latest in the world of marketing. Check out these 6 for optimizing content distribution and find more details on Social Media Today.


  1. Publish at the right time. The best time to publish a post is Monday and Thursday at 9:30 a.m. EST.
  2. Place social share buttons on each post. Include counters on these buttons to encourage your audience to share and help track your social proof.
  3. Include tweetable quotes. Keep readers engaged by including “tweet this” buttons throughout your blog post.
  4. Make your email subscribe button visible. Encourage your audience to subscribe by making your newsletter button easily accessible.
  5. Optimize your images. Visual content increases shareability. Be sure to include alt text for your images to increase SEO.
  6. Provide a call to action. Entice your readers to click through with a link to the next article or an e-book download.

Twitter Shares Some Tweet Copy Tips to Improve Campaign Performance

Could your Twitter account use a little TLC? Twitter has outlined a set of simple, actionable tweet tips that can boost your performance. Read the tips below and get more information on Social Media Today.


19 Tips for a High-Converting Contact Page

Compare your current contact page design with the checklist below to encourage more visitors to get in touch with your brand via your website. You can find more details on Social Media Today.

Infographic with tips for a high-converting contact page.