The TL;DR April 14, 2020

4 minutes
TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re discussing alternatives to tracking cookies, lead generation ideas, and emerging trends related to COVID-19. If you missed last week’s edition, you can find it here.

6 Marketing Alternatives to Tracking Third-Party Cookies

Though third-party cookies will soon phase out, other tactics can still help you learn about your target audience, develop buyer personas, and pinpoint ads. Take a look at these alternatives and find more information on HubSpot.


  1. Circulate content in email newsletters and email-based ads. Your subscribers are willing to learn about your brand and will most likely engage with content and product offers. Nearly 60% of consumers say marketing emails influence their buying decisions.
  2. Launch targeted ads on social media. Target promoted social media posts, people in your industry, and/or a specific demographic so that your content is circulated appropriately.
  3. Test out contact list targeting. Upload your contact list to a platform, such as social media networks or search engines, whose ad program can target a mirror audience that shares similar demographics to your list.
  4. Leverage email marketing data. Learn which content is most clickable, and consider using interactive features in your emails, such as a survey, to learn more about your audience and what motivates them.
  5. Monitor social media insights. Observe what your audience engages with, obtain valuable information about your following, and gain insights on your competitive landscape.
  6. Use your CMS or website’s first-party data. First-party cookies track basic demographics, visits, setting, and other visitor preferences from which you can leverage data to create your next campaign or strategy.

16 Creative Lead Generation Ideas That Are Worth a Try

There are more ways to generate leads than the usual cold emailing and scraping together lists. The ideas listed below provide valuable information that will help prospects rather than push them to purchase. Read more details on HubSpot.


  1. Share success secrets from thought leaders. Interviewing experts to uncover their secrets proves to potential customers that you’re dedicated to delivering the best advice out there.
  2. Create helpful videos to solve issues for prospects. Helpful videos can solve a real problem for potential customers in a format that’s both entertaining and easily digestible.
  3. Leverage the SEO power of customer reviews. Review platforms generally have a strong presence in organic search, making them a great opportunity to expand your brand presence.
  4. Create an interactive quiz or tool. This is a creative way to learn more about your website visitors and obtain their contact info.
  5. Provide gated offers with best practices. Offer a ‘best practices’ list in exchange for contact information. This is useful to the marketer looking to get started in a particular area.
  6. Show what’s working for your company. Writing a transparent post that pulls back the curtain on a recent success or failure can prove interesting to potential leads.
  7. Create a useful spreadsheet. Make info easily accessible to your audience, and keep in mind that people have different preferences about how they like to consume content.
  8. Offer a deep-dive answer for a tough question. Take the time to create an in-depth, step-by-step article that answers the big questions for your prospects.
  9. Create a worksheet that simplifies a process. Providing a simple worksheet for people to fill out and trading that sheet for an opt-in can create a mutually positive relationship with prospects.
  10. Create a list of useful tools or resources. Exploring other helpful resources shows your audience that you are prioritizing their success over your self-promotion.
  11. Compile real-life examples with actionable takeaways. Put together a list of top examples as a resource to inspire site visitors to opt-in.
  12. Create a valuable email course. A well-developed email course is like gaining access to a real class for free.
  13. Host a giveaway. Make sure you’re giving away something people want, like a drone.
  14. Create a template to simplify an everyday task. Begin a strong relationship with a prospect by creating templates for tasks like employee schedules, content calendars, and market research sheets.
  15. Offer a free trial or a freemium product. Get your prospect’s foot halfway through the door with the four-letter magic word, free.
  16. Offer a handy checklist. Provide a checklist your prospects can use to make sure they don’t miss any critical steps along the way.

LinkedIn Provides an Overview of Content and Engagement Trends Related to COVID-19

The recent rise in social media usage is no surprise given that we’re all staying inside our homes. LinkedIn has seen a 55% increase in engagement between connections, more content posted, and messaging volume is growing. Check out the emerging trends below and view more details on Social Media Today.