The TL;DR April 28, 2020

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This week we’re discussing ways to make your content viral, online search behaviors of Gen Z, and marketing KPIs you should be tracking. You can read last week’s edition here if you didn’t catch it.

6 Ways to Create Content That Markets Itself

Since content is constantly being shared across the web, it takes more than simply publishing content to stand out among your target audience and competitors. Cut through the noise and make sure your content comes out on top with these six tips. Read more info on HubSpot.


  1. Don’t try something new. Review your analytics, find what type of posts generate more engagement, and replicate that success.
  2. Surprise people. In content, there’s a strong relationship between virality and emotion.
  3. Nail your headline. Write your headline with the four U’s in mind: useful, ultra-specific, unique, urgent.
  4. Show don’t tell. Visuals should be included in your content strategy to increase shares and engagement.
  5. Enable your blog to market your content. Present tailored recommendations to audience members, and you’ll increase page views and time-on-site.
  6. Don’t forget about SEO. Hone in on keyword research, optimize your content, update your current content – each of these are ways to improve your brand awareness and conversion rate.

5 Online Search Behaviors of Generation Z

As marketers, we should familiarize ourselves with how the up-and-coming generation gathers info online and discovers new products. Take a look at these behaviors of Gen Z and find more on HubSpot.


  1. Gen Z searches long-tail keywords. Younger age groups are more likely to search with a full question or phrase.
  2. Gen Z often includes “best,” “cheap,” or “how-to” in search queries. Gen Z heavily researches possible purchases to ensure that they get the best experience for their money.
  3. Most Gen Z searches occur on mobile devices. Be sure to optimize your site design for mobile and other devices.
  4. The age group looks for video over other content types. Develop a video strategy on your website or a Gen Z-friendly social platform like YouTube or Instagram.
  5. Gen Z embraces social media site searches. They use their favorite platforms to find reviews about a product and often continue certain aspects of the customer journey on social media.

9 Content Marketing KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Make your likes count and ensure that you’re aiming for the right targets if you want to maximize business benefits. Consider these key KPIs in your approach and view more details on Social Media Today.

Infographic on Important Content Marketing KPIs