The TL;DR June 9, 2020

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TL,DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re discussing easy and effective snackable content formats, steps for creating empathetic content, and landing page practices to boost conversion rates on your site. No need to fret if you missed last week’s edition – you can read it here.

4 Snackable Content Formats That Lead to Lucrative Outcomes

As opposed to long-form content, snackable content is passively consumed and offers immediate entertainment. Add these easy yet effective snackable content formats to your playbook and read more on HubSpot.


  1. Quote Graphics. If you find a quote that speaks to your audience and complements your marketing efforts, support it with a visually engaging image.
  2. Memes. They’re immediate, entertainment specific, and can easily be scrolled through and shared. Just be careful not to overdo it.
  3. Infographics. Packed with info, facts, and stats, infographics are a great way to relay informative and meaningful content while still maintaining “snackability.”
  4. Gifs. This versatile format is compulsively shareable and can be used to show short-form videos silently, show captivating images on a loop, and capture the essence of emotions and reactions.

5 Steps to Creating Empathetic Content

Empathy can affect everything from content creation to team management. When your message strikes the right chord, your audience feels seen and heard. Follow these five steps to strengthening your brand’s empathetic side and view more details on Content Marketing Institute.


  1. Brainstorm topics in your content sweet spot. Create and curate content that fits under the overlap of “what your audience cares about” and “your area of expertise.”
  2. Create an empathy map. List the following: What does your audience see? Think and feel? Say and do? And list your customers’ pains and gains.
  3. Run a content audit to find and reuse existing content. Now that you have your topic and empathy map, see if you can repurpose previously published content that will fit your audience’s current needs.
  4. Run your ideas by someone you trust. Have a trusted external source check your content to make sure it is sufficiently empathetic.
  5. Review automation processes. Audit your email automation to check that your message is appropriate during the given time.

7 Landing Page Best Practices to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Your SEO efforts brought tons of traffic to your site, and now, you need to focus on boosting your conversions. Take a look at these practices for landing page optimization and find more details on Social Media Today.

Infographic with landing page best practices to boost conversion rates on your site.