The TL;DR July 21, 2020

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This week we’re discussing compelling social marketing tips, steps to kickstart account-based marketing, and ways to boost your online presence. Don’t worry if you missed last week’s edition. You can read it here.  

5 Considerations for a Compelling Social Media Marketing Approach

Combine quality products, a distinctive brand voice, and an integrated approach to social media, and you’ll see long-lasting results. Even if viral success isn’t your overall goal, these tips may be the extra ingredient you need. Read more on Social Media Today.


  1. Lead with a compelling product or service. Consider sharable factors in product design and quality.
  2. Articulate your brand. Your brand acts as a reference for what customers can expect from your company, so develop your brand by dedicating time to establish a comprehensive strategy.
  3. Differentiate by focusing on a common concern. Social media is the ideal medium to promote comparisons to add visibility to the conversation.
  4. Encourage fans to drive the conversation. People love being recognized by their favorite brand, and these efforts will generate discussion about your brand.
  5. Integrate social media across the organization. Outline clear communication practices to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration.

3 Key Steps to Kickstarting Account-Based Marketing

Rather than chasing after those with less insight on your company, maximize your efforts by reserving your budget for prospects you’re more likely to convert. Take a look at these straightforward steps to approach ABM and find more details on HubSpot.


  1. Identify your best accounts and associated buying committees based on fit, intent, and engagement signals.
  2. Define your marketing mix and invest in the channels most likely to reach and engage your audience with the right messaging.
  3. Shift key metrics used to show impact, slowly moving from lead-based to account-based metrics with multi-touch attribution.

17 Creative Social Media Marketing Ideas to Energize Your Online Presence

So, you have your compelling social media content. Now, focus on boosting your presence and continue generating more engagement with your audience. Check out these ideas and see more on Social Media Today.

Infographic exploring Creative Social Media Marketing ideas