More Than Numbers: Data Storytelling & Visualization

4 minutes
Generic data visualization chart

When people think of analytics, they tend to think of numbers, charts, dashboards, and excel sheets. Really, it’s much more. When used to its fullest extent, data can influence decisions that can help grow your business and increase revenue. At DEFINITION 6, we help you understand your data and make those revenue-increasing decisions.

Gathering information allows us to put together strategic recommendations and provide actionable insights. The real value of data lies in its ability to show companies the bigger picture and a path to success. Through a structured approach to data science, a strong digital marketing strategy can be extracted from various data sets and communicated in a way that connects information with emotion.

Storytelling in marketing is the convergence of data, visuals, and a strong narrative. It is both art & science. When storytelling with data, it’s always important to consider your audience so that insights can be communicated in a way that will create the biggest impact. The story should be relatable yet factual. It begins with approaching the information with specific questions in mind to gather relevant insights and turn those insights into solutions and decisions. Pulling valuable data analytics is one type of skill but communicating it clearly and successfully is another. Often, doing this just requires stepping outside of the numbers and taking it back to basics.

Data Visualization is another key component to storytelling that can make or break a strong analysis. It helps transform complex ideas and a jumble of numbers and statistics into easily digestible information. After all, our brains are trained to process images 60x’s faster than text alone. We’ve all been in meetings where numbers were recited and charts were presented that went over our heads. Well done visualization will highlight relationships in order to find trends. The true value in these numbers lies in what their patterns communicate.

Key Benefits of Storytelling & Visualization:

Using elevated graphics that simplify the details could make the difference between rapid and slow growth, among many other factors. It takes a specific set of skills to turn numbers into decisions, but that’s where the expertise of our Analytics team comes in. Launch P.A.D.™ (Performance. Analytics. Decisions) offers a wide variety of data analytics services that take the complication out of determining which decisions need to be made for a company’s success. The key to taking valuable actions boils down to analyzing data, finding insights, and communicating successfully.

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