The TL;DR September 29, 2020

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This week we’re discussing B2B email marketing practices, tips for creating calls to action, and a checklist for effective buyer personas. Read last week’s edition here if you haven’t already. 

5 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices to Maximize Your Campaign

Given that 73% of US millennials are involved in purchase decision-making at companies, B2B campaigning is a lucrative lead source that your brand needs. Use these guidelines to get the most from your email campaigns and read more on optinmonster.  

The TL;DR  

  1. Filter leads coming for business or for pleasure. Segment your leads to accurately understand where each lead is coming from and allocate them to a better targeted sales cycle. 
  2. Select your email service provider. There are plenty out there – find the one that best suits your team’s needs and resources. 
  3. Craft the perfect subject line. Build curiosity and tap into your audience’s buyer intent for higher open rates. 
  4. Keep your emails rational, informational, and profit-based. When people make a purchase for a business, they do so with less focus on emotion and more on maximizing the company’s profit. 
  5. Include 1 call to action. Keep things focused with one and only one CTA so that everything in the email leads the reader directly to that click. 

How to Create the Perfect Call to Action in 5 Steps

The difference between losing a potential customer and making a sale is a well-written call to action. Follow these steps for creating a successful CTA and find more information on optinmonster

The TL;DR 

  1. Use action words. Tell your readers the specific action they should take next. 
  2. Focus on value. Let your users know that they’ll get something for free or at a discounted price. 
  3. Foster curiosity and anticipation. Build curiosity through gamification and turn your opt in forms into a game.  
  4. Design your CTA buttons. Keep in mind key design elements like using white space effectively, contrasting colors, framing the button, etc. 
  5. Test your calls to action. Evaluate your CTA button with data and adjust as needed. 

Checklist for Effective Buyer Personas

Customer data plus personalized marketing efforts equals buyer personas. Reach the right audience segments by establishing clear and effective audience personas with this guide and find more on Social Media Today

Infographic on Buyer Personas