The TL;DR October 6, 2020 

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This week we’re discussing crafting your brand identity, the importance of content analytics, and stages in the content marketing process. Missed last week’s edition? Read it here

4 Steps to Your Brand Messaging Framework

Consumers find inspiration and motive to buy your product in the way your brand communicates itself. Craft an effective brand message using the framework below and read more on brand identity on HubSpot.  

 The TL;DR  

  1. Figure out who you are. Establish how you differentiate from your competitors, define your company’s values, and understand your brand’s story. 
  2. Know your audience. Listen to your target audience and create buyer personas to help align your brand with your customers wants. 
  3. Start a document that explains your brand message. Compile the info from Steps 1 & 2 and highlight key themes that are core to your brand identity. 
  4. Brainstorm messaging opportunities. Use current content to convey your values and then create a tagline that communicates your brand message. 

The Growing Importance of Content Analytics

If content is our currency as marketers, we should make sure our efforts are generating a positive ROI. Read about the importance of analyzing and evaluating content performance and view the full article on Martech Today

The TL;DR 

  • Content analysis and measurements should focus on recent changes in consumer behavior and mindset within your industry. 
  • Whenever possible, content that is about a specific product or service should be measured against itself to reveal new variables in the market. 
  • With the rise in popularity of short-form videos, analysis and measurement of this content form are valuable to review your video performance. 
  • It’s crucial that your analysis is comprehensive in order to identify new opportunities and enhance your products and your story using data, visuals, and a strong narrative. Learn more about data storytelling and visualization here.  

The 5 Most Important Stages in the Content Marketing Process

Mapping out your strategy from the beginning is the key to content success. Follow this overview of steps for your next content strategy framework and find more information on Social Media Today.  

Infographic with the most important stages of the content marketing process.