The TL;DR February 2, 2021

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TL;DR Bite-sized industry updates

This week we’re discussing steps for a social media strategy that leads to sales, video ideas to generate leads, and building buyer personas. Don’t worry if you missed last week’s edition – you can read it here

5 Steps for a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Leads to Conversions & Sales

You may be ready to sell your product/services, but your customers may not be in the buying mindset. Follow this five-step promotion plan to encourage sales and read more on Social Media Examiner

The TL;DR 

  1. Decide what you want to promote and sell. Find something you can build buzz for rather than posting just anything. 
  2. Identify gaps and objections. Understand how your target audience thinks in order to shift their mindset. 
  3. Ask for feedback from your audience. Customers will be a lot more invested in products and services if they feel they helped with development.  
  4. Build social proof with outreach appearances. Show proof and testimonials to build authority and trust around what you’re selling. 
  5. Soft sell by casually mentioning your products and services. Sell without actually having to sell with inline mentions. 

5 Underused Video Ideas to Generate Leads

Video is the most popular content type for curating engagement around your brand. Go beyond views and likes and into the world of demand generation by creating videos that are aligned with your goals. Start with these content ideas and find more on Content Marketing Institute

The TL;DR 

  1. Add an effective call to action. Clearly communicate what you want your audience to do with CTAs.  
  2. Add a video to landing pages. This way you can convey more information without overwhelming your visitors with text. 
  3. Add videos to email campaigns. Be sure to add the word “video” in the subject line to entice your subscribers to click and boost your open rate. 
  4. Use videos as gated content. Communicate the value the viewers will receive through tutorials, demos, and how-to videos. 
  5. Leverage video with SEO. Include a crafted meta description to improve your visibility and attract more interest. 

7 Tips for Creating Buyer Personas to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Knowing your customers and understanding their interests is a lot easier said than done. Put an unambiguous face to your customer data with these tips and view more info on Social Media Today

Infographic with tips for creating your buyer personas.