The TL;DR February 23, 2021

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This week we’re discussing marketing channels to focus on in 2021, the impacts of 2020 according to Black-owned agency leaders, and key traits of engaging B2B content. Did you catch our last edition? If not, you can read it here

7 Marketing Channels to Focus on in 2021

You can make all the content you want, but if no one sees it, what’s the point? For this reason, it’s important to understand different marketing channels and which ones to use to leverage your content. Amplify your reach, resonance, and revenue with any of these channels and read more on HubSpot

The TL;DR 

  1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing. 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews when making purchasing decisions – people trust other customers over marketers because marketers have an agenda. 
  2. Podcast Marketing. Podcasts can help you develop a more personalized relationship with your audience. 
  3. Email Marketing. Keep your audience up to date with your brand’s latest news by encouraging them to subscribe to your online publications. 
  4. Social Media Marketing. Take the time to create a social media strategy that is tailored to the platforms you use. 
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing. As people make 89,144 searches on Google per second, search engines are one of the highest converting marketing channels – optimize your business’s channels to bring traffic and increase conversions. 
  6. Influencer Marketing. These authentic endorsements can reach more engaged and better-qualified audiences. 
  7. Video Marketing. Video is a non-restrictive and easily repurposed form of content that boosts conversion rates and improves ROI. 

4 Impacts of 2020 on Business & Marketing According to Top Black-Owned Agency Leaders

2020 was a significant year for everyone, but especially for Black-owned agencies. Find out how 2020 affected their businesses below and get more info on Content Marketing Institute

The TL;DR 

  1. Minority-owned opportunities drive some business. Recognized as an effect of summer 2020’s civil rights movement, agencies have seen a business boost from brands wanting to work with a Black-owned digital agency. 
  2. Digital drives most business. Clients are investing in digital marketing because it’s often the only way they can engage with their target audience during the pandemic; therefore, being able to replace in-person content creation with remote services is key. 
  3. Budgets get new lift. There is now more leadership support for the multi-phase, high-dollar projects that have traditionally been put on hold. 
  4. Brands can make better commitments to diversity & inclusion. Big statements are okay, but actions are better. Further, relevant and helpful actions are best. 

3 Traits of the Most Engaging B2B Creative Content

We spend an average of about 7 hours a day consuming content. To help stand out among billions of pieces of content and industry competitors, LinkedIn provided new tips for B2B content creation. Review these common traits of the most engaging content and find more on Social Media Today.  

Infographic with traits of the most engaging B2B content according to LinkedIn.