The TL;DR February 9, 2021

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This week we’re discussing marketing trends that will shape the tech landscape, using persona-based marketing to amplify ABM efforts, and the challenges & benefits of AI chatbots. Read last week’s edition here if you missed it. 

5 Sales & Marketing Predictions That Will Shape the Tech Landscape in 2021

Last year’s world events accelerated digital transformation and broadened the widespread use of new technology that will leave a lasting impact. Of the many lessons we’ve learned, add these stand out trends to your noggin and read more on Drift

The TL;DR  

  1. B2B sales as we know it is changed forever. Brands need to meet customers on their terms and successfully close deals in a digital environment. 
  2. CMOs will be held accountable for revenue. Aligning efforts to revenue migrates marketing away from sales support and into revenue acceleration. 
  3. The CRM as we know it is on borrowed time. Dynamic conversation models that have the ability to aggregate data & infer conclusions are replacing the old norm. 
  4. AI will create an employment shift. Restructuring Displacement doesn’t mean destruction, and some restructuring will free up humans to take on more impactful jobs. 
  5. AI bias will cause problems that will require industry collaboration to prevent. Start breaking down biases by educating software & AI engineers, product managers, and designers. 

4 Tips To Optimize Your Persona Marketing Strategy

Account-based marketing (ABM) requires a deep understanding of industry trends and your target’s initiatives, especially the people in your target accounts. Use these tips for persona-based marketing to improve your strategy and read more info on B2B Marketing

The TL;DR 

  1. Start with one target vertical. Eighty percent of your results come from twenty percent of your efforts, so focus on one account and the many personas within it. 
  2. Make a clear identification of roles. After gathering and organizing intel, label each contact as one of the following: champion, influencer, or decision maker. 
  3. Match your multichannel messaging to personas. Ensure each persona has their own individual call to action. 
  4. Follow-up when necessary. Invest time to understand your personas and cultivate beneficial relationships. 

The Key Challenges and Benefits of Utilizing Chatbots for Business

Though humanizing chatbots and gaining consumer trust may prove challenging, it’s smart to avail AI chatbots to support your customers and help improve their overall experience. See the overview of benefits, challenges, and opportunities below and find more on Social Media Today

Infographic with challenges and benefits of AI chatbots.