The TL;DR March 2, 2021

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This week we’re discussing common myths of repurposing content, webinar etiquette tips for presenters & attendees, and the dos & don’ts of marketing and sales automation. In case you didn’t read last week’s edition, you can find it here

3 Common Myths About Repurposing Content Debunked

The benefits of repurposing content are twofold: maximize your content investments and refresh existing content. Start taking advantage of repurposing content after reading these dispelled myths below. Read more on Convince & Convert

The TL;DR  

  1. You’re going to be penalized for having duplicate content. Repurposing is remixing and refreshing, not copying and pasting. 
  2. You can’t reuse other people’s content. Permitted that you ask permission and give credit, it’s okay. 
  3. Your audiences are going to be bored. As long as you’re adding value and interest among your target audience, repurposing won’t be boring. 

10 Webinar Etiquette Tips for Presenters & Attendees

As our day to day lives have transitioned to being almost completely digital or virtual, webinars have increased in popularity as a chance to connect directly with others in the industry. Find out how best to contribute to webinars below and read more on HubSpot

The TL;DR 

  1. Set the tone. Let your audience know what to expect early on. 
  2. Present what’s expected. Meet the expectations you promised. 
  3. Do a practice round. Practice ahead of time to better prevent technical difficulties. 
  4. Read Q&As out loud. Presenters should repeat the questions out loud before answering them, so that the entire audience has context. 
  5. Make the webinar accessible. Use a trusted hosting platform and you can also send your attendees presentation slides ahead of time. 
  6. Record the session. This way those who were unable to attend the session can still gain value from your event. 
  7. Be on time. As webinars typically have strict schedules, be sure to log on a few minutes before so that you don’t miss anything. 
  8. Chat to amplify, not distract. If it’s not in line with the presentation, leave it out of the chatroom. 
  9. Don’t interrupt. Only add your input if the presenter has opened the floor to it. 
  10. Avoid self-promotion. You shouldn’t attempt to direct other attendees to your brand, especially if it doesn’t relate to the content being presented. 

The Dos & Don’ts of Marketing and Sales Automation

Though today’s marketing and sales teams can reap the benefits of automation and AI, automation without personalization feels like a robot trying to sell you something, and buyers don’t like that. Learn how to scale your marketing and sales with these dos & don’ts and review the full infographic on Drift

Sales Marketing Infographic