Webinar: A Guide to SMTs in 2021

All About SMTs in 2021…

SMTs are back. The PR industry’s most effective brand awareness tool has evolved over the years, increasing in value and proving to be a compelling way to reach your audience. But what does a Satellite Media Tour look like in 2021? How does a Virtual Media Tour work? What are the benefits of a broadcast media tour? How can you shift your messaging to be more newsworthy and less commercial? And how do you find the right talent? We answered all these questions and more in our July 2021 Webinar, featuring Grace Gold and Marlaina Quintana, moderated by our very own Nicola Blount.

A Guide to SMTs in 2021

We hope you enjoyed this inside look into the art of the SMT in 2021 from leading industry experts. If you’re feeling inspired to learn more or plan your own SMT, give us a shout below and we’ll set up some time to chat.

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