3 Reasons Media Tours Are Having a Renaissance

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Media tours are a proven PR strategy to reach a large audience and increase brand awareness. In the digital age, media tours have become even more relevant, thanks to the advent of the VMT, or Virtual Media Tour. With remote work here to stay, building a tour has become more flexible, accessible, and cost-effective than ever before. Here’s why we think you should explore this “traditional” channel this year.  

3 Reasons Media Tours Are Having a Renaissance

1. TV has survived over a decade of disruption and remains one of the most effective forms of PR  

Getting brands, spokespeople and client messages on television has been a public relations go-to tactic for decades. Despite the rise of digital media, media tours remain one of the most effective ways to get a brand’s message to millions of people tuning in to their favorite local news programming. Media tours provide an opportunity for brands to reach both a broad audience, and a specific consumer, with product launches, educational campaigns and thought leadership on TV, radio and streaming platforms. 

2. Today’s media tours are more flexible, accessible, and cost-effective

In the past, media tours were thought to be time-consuming and sometimes costly, requiring brands to bring spokespeople to specific studio locations. However, VMTs have eliminated travel, making tours more flexible, accessible, and cost-effective. Brands can now conduct tours from the comfort of their own offices, an influencer’s home studio or remote location – connecting with media outlets across the country and brand ambassadors once out of reach.   

3. Getting your brand on TV will always be cool

There’s just no denying the value of being on TV in a non-commercial format. Television is still considered one of the most trusted media platforms. When it comes to building a brand’s long-term reputation, local media provides an essential ROI and authenticity that cannot be matched.  Media tours allow brands to tap into local markets in a meaningful way, engaging a dedicated audience, while also reaching millions of consumers with an actionable call-to-action.  

In 2023, media tours should be a key component to any holistic media campaign. By leveraging this once “traditional” channel, brands can boost credibility, engage with active audiences, and take the first step in driving marketing performance goals through the enduring power of TV. Get in touch with DEFINITION 6 today to take that step with our industry leading PR team.


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