Your Guide to Marketing Cloud Personalization

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, personalization is the linchpin of engaging and retaining customers. Marketing Cloud Personalization, formerly known as Interaction Studio, is Salesforce’s real-time personalization and interaction management solution, seamlessly integrated into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This comprehensive guide delves into how you can harness Marketing Cloud Personalization to deliver unique and highly […]

Predictive Analytics’ Impact on Logistics CX

Introduction to Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence In an era where data is the new oil, leveraging it to optimize logistics CX is no longer optional—it’s imperative. Predictive analytics, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance customer experience through data-driven insights. Predictive analytics examines historical data to forecast future outcomes, while […]

Your Top 5 Questions About Broadcast Media Tours, Answered

In the fast-paced world of broadcast, media tours are a valuable tool for brands to reach large audiences and deliver their message authentically. Whether you’re a seasoned PR pro or new to the SMT, we’ve got you covered. 1. What is a Broadcast Media Tour? Broadcast media tours, also known as SMTs and VMTs, are […]

9 Best Practices for Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Achieving a seamless customer service experience is the aim of any robust CRM system, and Salesforce Service Cloud is no exception. With its diverse suite of features tailored for customer engagement, support, and service, it is a go-to platform for many businesses. If you’re in the planning or early stages of Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, […]

The Future of Guest Management with Salesforce Hospitality

The hospitality industry has experienced unprecedented challenges and opportunities, especially in the wake of increased travel and consumer expectations. The central role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has never been more critical in ensuring hotels not just survive but thrive in this competitive landscape. In this post, we delve into the future of guest management, […]

Unlocking Revenue with Salesforce for Logistics

In an age where technological advancements dictate the pace of every industry, the logistics sector is no exception. With rapidly increasing e-commerce orders and rising customer expectations, businesses are turning to comprehensive solutions like Salesforce for logistics to maintain their edge. Here’s why this move is proving transformative for many. The Logistics Landscape Today The […]

4 Benefits of Salesforce Travel and Hospitality Solutions

In today’s hyper-competitive and digitally evolved travel industry, customer expectations are sky-high. The search for seamless, personalized, and immersive travel experiences drives the industry, necessitating the adoption of innovative solutions. One solution leading the pack is Salesforce’s travel and hospitality suite. Here, we explore the top benefits of the Salesforce travel and hospitality solutions and […]

What is a Marketing Forecast?

Accurately predicting consumer behavior based upon data was the promise of the digital revolution. Sure, that reality took a few more years to come to fruition than the futurists predicted.  But for today’s marketer, decisions that were once based upon gut instinct and intuition can now be confidently driven by data in the form of […]

4 Brand Benefits of a Broadcast Media Tour

As a public relations or marketing professional, you know that promoting your brand is crucial to attract and retain customers. Media tours are one of the most effective ways to share a brand’s story with millions of consumers and achieve large scale reach in a single activation. A media tour delivers your story to audiences […]

4 Ways to Pick an SMT Company (A Biased Review)

In the digital age, finding the right satellite media tour (SMT) company to spend your PR dollars can be challenging. However, making the right choice is crucial for increasing consumer engagement and building brand awareness. In this blog post, we’ll explore four ways to pick an SMT company that can help you achieve your broadcast […]

The New Era of Purchasing Behavior in B2B Sales

purchasing behavior + The New Era of Purchasing Behavior in B2B Sales

Millennial Buying Behavior: Understanding the Shift

In today’s rapidly evolving market, understanding millennial buying behavior has become crucial for businesses aiming to thrive and grow. As the preferences of the new generation of buyers continue to shape the market, companies must adapt their strategies to protect their market share. In this article, we will explore the key considerations and tactics businesses […]

B2B Buying Behavior: Creative Solutions for Long-Term Growth

purchasing behavior + The New Era of Purchasing Behavior in B2B Sales

Buying Behavior: 7 New Insights for B2B Leaders

Shifting buying behavior isn’t new. For as long as there have been buyers, there have been behavioral shifts. But the pace of that change has accelerated, fed by development of net new technologies and cultural evolution. Until now, changes in buying behavior have been limited to consumers. That’s no longer the case. 75% of the […]

B2B Buyer Behavior: Navigating the New Era

B2B Buyer Behavior Favors Self-Service As B2B buyer behavior evolves towards self-serving decisions and reduced reliance on traditional service models, businesses must adapt to protect their market share. In this article, we explore strategies to navigate the new era of buyer decisions and deliver value to customers through a blend of digital and human interactions. […]

Salesforce Automation and Data Analysis

Companies are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. Automation has emerged as a key solution to achieving these goals. By automating repetitive tasks and processes, businesses can save time and money, while also improving accuracy and reducing errors. Salesforce, one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, offers a range […]

Salesforce Automation: A Definitive Guide

Salesforce automation is a powerful tool that can streamline and simplify the sales and marketing process. By automating tasks and workflows, businesses can save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore what Salesforce automation is, how it works, and the various tools available to help businesses automate their processes. We’ll also […]

Understanding Logistics Customer Churn

The transportation and logistics industry is a vital part of the global economy, connecting businesses and consumers with the goods they need. As such, customer satisfaction and retention are critical components of success in this industry. One of the key ways to improve customer satisfaction and retention is through effective communication, including timely shipping notifications. […]

SMT, RMT, VMT, ANR, VNR…What’s a Broadcast Media Tour? 

A broadcast media program is a powerful tool for brands and organizations looking to increase their exposure and reach a wider audience. By leveraging media tours and campaigns, brands can connect with local, regional, and national media outlets, as well as influencers and subject matter experts, to deliver their message to key consumers.  Defining a […]

3 Reasons Media Tours Are Having a Renaissance

Media tours are a proven PR strategy to reach a large audience and increase brand awareness. In the digital age, media tours have become even more relevant, thanks to the advent of the VMT, or Virtual Media Tour. With remote work here to stay, building a tour has become more flexible, accessible, and cost-effective than […]

Building Data-Informed CPG Loyalty Programs

With 2.5 million US online retail options at consumers’ fingertips, CPG brands need to provide unique incentives to keep customers coming back. While there is no shortage of CPG loyalty programs, brands can set themselves apart by creating loyalty and rewards incentives tailored to their offerings. Our creatives at DEFINITION 6 are here to help […]

2023 Satellite Media Tour Trends 

As we move further into 2023, the landscape of media tours is undergoing significant changes, and we’re already seeing some interesting trends emerging. Three of the most prominent 2023 satellite media tour trends we can expect to see are a shift away from virtual towards in-person media tours, events and production, targeted media tours that […]

CPG Brand Marketing Gets Phygital 

Why phygital experiences are necessary  The global pandemic sent a new wave of shoppers to online stores, and its impact continues to appear in customer journeys and behaviors today. In addition to the in-store and online experience, a new category of shopping has emerged to popularity: BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store). With that, CPG […]

Top 4 Highlights from Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Spring Release

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has recently released a set of new features that promise to enhance the user experience and help marketers connect with their customers in more effective and personalized ways. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at our CRM team’s four primary highlights from the latest release.  The integration of WhatsApp […]

CPG 101: Creating CPG Insights with Marketing Data

The consumer packed goods (CPG) experience is going digital in 2023, which means brands most likely need to revisit their online strategies. Conversions depend on four key CPG insights: customer expectations, the omnichannel shopping experience, a competitive landscape, and strong data and technology. At DEFINITION 6, we find creative solutions to improve these insights based […]

It’s an Omni-Channel World: Rethinking the CPG Customer Journey. 

In the age of digital transformation, mastering omni-channel marketing has gone from cutting-edge to table stakes. If you’re not working to provide a seamless, unified shopping experience across all consumer touchpoints, your brand could be in danger of being overlooked in today’s crowded digital marketplace, or even worse, viewed as obsolete.  The way consumers shop […]

2023: A Year of Digital Reckoning for the Logistics Industry 

The global transportation and logistics industry has been in a state of turbulence, with resource shortages and inventory glut. Accuracy, transparency, and timely service delivery are critical in a fast-changing business landscape. There’s also increasing pressure on supply chain leaders to implement technological responses to disruptions and security incidents. A multidisciplinary approach is essential to […]

Cargo to Clicks: Salesforce and the Logistics Industry 

In the logistics industry, real-time information is king. Customers expect to know where their orders are, when to expect their arrival, and to be notified of any delays along the way with the click of a button. Pairing that level of omniscient oversight with the razor thin margins of the T&L industry has historically been […]

The Art of the Trailer Edit

Admit it…we all love to watch the trailers before a feature film in the theater. We look forward to seeing what’s new at the movies, and the more exciting and compelling, the better. We used to call them “coming attractions.” When a trailer edit is at its best, it makes us want to go see […]

Time to Give Public Relations the Full Toolset

The media landscape and the nature of modern communication has changed significantly in the last decade, but the last few years have seen a revolution. More than ever, public relations is critical in the establishment of the proper understanding of an organization’s point-of-view, values, purpose and actions. But despite this, PR budgets remain a fraction […]

The metaverse is mostly a novelty—for now.  

Unlike when mobile phones were first introduced with their promise of “unlimited, real-time connection, from anywhere, to anywhere,” it’s unclear at this point what intrinsic value to society the metaverse truly holds. While much of the ongoing criticism of the metaverse is well-deserved, a quick look back through our digital history shows just how quickly […]

The Role of Data in Forecasting

You don’t need perfect data to begin forecasting. Like most digital processes, forecasting and data collection are iterative processes. The disciplined act of data collecting itself will improve your collection and application of data, so by doing something with your data now, you’re setting in motion a process that leads to better data and insights […]

CPG Industry Trends for 2023 in Marketing

2023 is shaping up to be a year of financial uncertainty, but amidst the uneasiness, one thing is clear – digital marketing will continue to play a crucial role in the consumer packaged good (CPG) brand experience. As consumers’ utilization of the internet for purchase decisions continues to grow, it’s more critical than ever for […]

5 Reasons Why Co-op Media Tours Will Be More Important Than Ever in 2023

As PR practitioners and marketers, we are constantly adjusting the ways we communicate with the media and connect with consumers. The best campaigns are those that take advantage of a variety of communications channels; however, marketing dollars are being spent on digital more than ever, often at the expense of “traditional” channels. But if mediums […]

DEFINITION 6’s Tips for a Successful Satellite Media Tour

The Three Satellite Media Tour T’s: Topic, Timing, Talent: Topic When considering a topic for your satellite media tour, it’s important to “look for the hook”. A timely, topical news hook can help ensure media coverage. It’s important to evaluate how your brand’s message can fit into the current news cycle. If you are unsure of […]

Post Production in the Sky

The traditional post production edit room boundaries continue to crumble in the hybrid spaces we work in, a permanent reality of the post-pandemic world. Definition 6 no longer has 10 edit rooms and three audio rooms all humming on a 160TB Facilis TerraBlock, as was the case in the past. Instead, there’s typically an editor […]

The Building Blocks of Brand Loyalty

How to build customer loyalty is one of the most important questions of brand building. It’s what allows customers to stick with a company through good times and bad, and it’s what helps them trust a company to provide quality products and services. So how do you build customer affinity? Below are a few elements that […]

How to Forecast Marketing ROI (Free Template)

$1 trillion—that’s the estimated marketing spend worldwide in 2022. Your company’s marketing budget might sound like a drop in the bucket compared to the global number but, large or small, we all must justify our numbers. Learning how to forecast marketing ROI can help. A simple calculation for marketing ROI looks like this:  Marketing revenue — […]

6 Must-Haves in a Customer Experience Specialist

Customer experience (CX) encompasses every consumer touchpoint, making it the backbone of your brand experience. Managing all these micro-engagements is what CX is all about—which makes selecting the right CX partner one of the most critical decisions a marketer can make.  At D6, we’ve been on the forefront of customer experience for years. Over that […]

Bright Ideas for Designing in Dark Mode

BY MOLLY PIZZA, MARKETING AUTOMATION SPECIALIST AT DEFINITION 6 Reduced eye strain, less blue-light exposure, longer battery life: Dark mode settings offer plenty such user benefits, but the challenges to those tasked with developing and designing emails optimized for dark mode are many. So how, as empathetic designers, do we accommodate and optimize for dark […]

What Is Customer Experience? (And Why Is It So Important?) 

It’s hard to imagine a brand being casual about Customer Experience (CX) these days. Few things have a more profound impact on brand perception than the feeling a customer is left with after interacting with your organization. One too many clicks on your website, a long queue, a non-intuitive interface…and suddenly you have a consumer […]

4 Ways to Leverage Customer Experience to Drive Digital Strategy

BY AARON GILL, SENIOR DIGITAL STRATEGIST AT DEFINITION 6 Customer and User Experience Ensuring that a business strategy incorporates the experience of customers can be critical to business success. Satisfied customers are crucial to the success of any business. The experience customers have with a business’s services and products has an enormous impact on the […]

The Anatomy of a Broadcast Media Pitch

BY ROXY GARCIA, SR. MEDIA RELATIONS MANAGER AT DEFINITION 6 For a PR pro, there’s no greater feeling than landing that hard-earned broadcast segment. In fact, according to the Propel Media Barometer, for every 100 pitches journalists receive, they only respond to three.   While media relationships play a large role in securing that sought-after segment, […]

Trust. Personalization. Privacy. Increasing ROI and Deepening Consumer Relationships.

BY DWENYA POUNCY, DIRECTOR OF STRATEGY AT DEFINITION 6 The post-pandemic surge of digital commerce and virtual experiences coupled with the move to a cookie-less world make a company’s ability to leverage data to personalize both digital engagement and touchpoints more crucial than ever before. A Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study reports that 72% of […]

6 Entertainment Marketing Campaigns We Can’t Stop Talking About

From creative strategy to post-production, our award-winning Entertainment Marketing team creates campaigns that move the needle for movie studios, TV networks, and streamers in entertainment and sports. Sound design, live-action production, key art, editorial—if you can dream it, D6 can bring it to life. And it’s been a busy 2022 around the D6 studios, helping […]

D6 Perspectives: Thoughts on Being LGBTQ+ in the Workplace

We decided the best way to celebrate Pride month this year was by listening, so we grabbed a group of our LGBTQ+ colleagues together for a chat. One of the great things about our D6 community is the diversity within our “diversity group”, so we wanted to hear what each person had to say on […]

Your Quick Guide to Digital Experience Strategy Using Analysis and Insights

With a variety of different digital platforms, channels, and technologies currently available in the world, many businesses confront digital experience strategy with confusion and a hodgepodge approach that is more like throwing spaghetti at a wall than using insightful strategic thinking.    Although it can be both complicated and ambiguous, there are ways to simplify […]

Johnny vs. Amber: A Master Class in Public Relations

BY MELANIE REITER, SR. MEDIA RELATIONS COORDINATOR AT DEFINITION 6 A glimpse behind Hollywood’s curtain wasn’t the only thing on display at the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial. We were also given a front-row seat to a master class in the power of PR to drive public opinion, taught by Team Johnny. Thanks to […]

Top 5 Customer Loyalty Programs of 2022

BY MARIAH HABERMAN, VP OF MARKETING AT DEFINITION 6 “My whole thing is loyalty.” – Fetty Wap  As a great American rapper once said, loyalty is everything. Perhaps no one knows this better than the marketing teams at some of the biggest brands in the country.  At DEFINITION 6, we talk customer loyalty programs day […]

Shaping Our Culture: Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month at DEFINITION 6

As we all pause to pay tribute to the generations of Asian American and Pacific Islanders who helped shape our country’s success, we wanted to recognize the outsized impact our AAPI coworkers have had on the culture and accomplishments here at DEFINITION 6. Get to know these amazing D6’ers as they share some of the […]

Loyalty and the Evolving Brand Mindset

BY JASON ROCKMAN, PRESIDENT OF DEFINITION 6 As the concept of a cookie-less world continues to take shape and the rise of consumer tracking prevention is upon us, the utilization of first-party data is more important than ever. For brands, this presents an opportunity to get serious—or, hopefully, more serious—about what measures they can take […]

The Women Who Inspire Us

Happy International Women’s Day! Get to know a few of the bright, talented and amazing women who inspire us every day here at DEFINITION 6. ANDREA ALLENVP, Production My mantra at work is_______. Who doesn’t love a shoot day!? What advice would you give your younger self? Not to worry so much. It all works […]

“All my life, I have been a proud Ukrainian.”

These last few days have been emotional. I have friends who tell me they are not able to make contact with their loved ones in Ukraine. A woman from my church worries for her 18-year-old son-in-law who has been called to fight on the front line. Another friend of mine shakes in fear as she […]

Are Supply Chain Disruptions Harming Your Brand’s Customer Experience?

Supply chain issues—one of the many unexpected outcomes of the global pandemic. It is now clear that as long as the virus is disrupting our daily lives, we should expect delays to continue to disrupt the business world.  In a study conducted by The Economist, business leaders say the biggest consequence of supply chain disruption over […]

D6 Perspectives: In Conversation with Black Media Professionals

To celebrate Black History Month and to foster and encourage open and meaningful conversations around race as well as Diversity & Inclusion, we invited a panel of D6’ers to share some of their experiences around being Black in the media industry. On the mic:  Nicola Blount, VP, Media Relations & Reporting, PR Services, DEFINITION 6  Akeem […]

A Q&A with D6’s PR Services Team

What do you get when you gather some of D6’s brightest PR minds to discuss the state of their business, their most memorable campaigns, and what they see on the horizon for the industry? You get a lot of can’t-miss insights and 2022 predictions.   On the mic:   Rich Quigley—SVP, Group Director, PR Services, DEFINITION 6   […]

A Q&A with D6’s Entertainment Marketing Team

We’re just going to say it: We have a brilliant entertainment marketing team here at DEFINITION 6. And we want you to meet a few of the team members who make up this award-winning crew. So, we talked five amazing D6’ers into sitting down with us to answer a handful of our hard-hitting questions.   On the mic:  Jasmine Ginyard—Line Producer, DEFINITION 6  Crystal Hall—SVP, Creative Director, DEFINITION […]

2021 Holiday Shopping Trends + Stats

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – prediction season! How will consumers shop this year? Just how overwhelmingly powerful is eCommerce in the second pandemic holiday season? We have those insights and more, all wrapped up and ready to be opened below.   Spoiler alert: It’s all online.   Since hitting record highs in 2020 (you may recall: Online U.S. consumer spending was up 32.4% YOY, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce), online […]

6 Times Halloween Marketing Was Spookily Smart

While Thanksgiving and Christmas get most of marketers’ attention (and budget!), Halloween is a great time to target your audience in fun and unexpected ways. We put together a list of six of our favorite Halloween marketing campaigns and one-offs to get you inspired to scare attract your customers this time of year.     That time Airbnb let a […]

6 Ways Marketing Changed History

“Advertising doesn’t work on me.”  If you work in marketing, you’ve likely heard this line. But is it true? History tells us: Not really. Let’s talk about the ways advertising has worked on us—all of us. Join us on a little trip through time to discover how marketing has changed culture as we know it. (And you’re welcome for the cocktail trivia.)   Pan-American Coffee Bureau gave us coffee breaks.  The coffee break: […]

Meet the CEO: A conversation with Jeff Katz from DEFINITION 6

Meet Abbey and Finn’s dog dad, Jeff Katz. While we get to work closely with our CEO every day, we realize most of the internet isn’t as lucky, which is why we decided to have a chat with him so you could all get to know him better. He shared some insightful thoughts and some curious facts with us, and now it’s your […]

Digital CX: 6 Areas Worth Focusing On

Chances are, you’re already following a few Digital Customer Experience best practices. But are you focusing on the areas that matter most to your audience? If you’re not sure, then keep reading. We’ve put together the six most important points to focus on when it comes to your marketing efforts so you can offer your […]

Get What You Pay For: The True Cost Of Software Underutilization

We hate to be the ones to break it to you but, chances are, you’re paying for software you’re not using. And you’re not alone: According to Gartner, MarTech makes up over a quarter of marketing budgets, but 40 percent of that investment goes unused. One of the reasons why that happens is that companies often purchase two products that are pretty much identical—what a waste! To see what you can […]

When Sharing Isn’t Caring—the Importance of Data Security

Oversharing your data can be more than embarrassing—it can negatively impact your business.  Smartphones, cars, even fridges—in today’s world, (almost) everything can be connected to the internet. And while that’s practical (ordering your groceries straight from your refrigerator? Yes, please!), the sheer amount of data exchanged across all these devices leads to increased connectivity—and thus, increased security risks. […]

Revising the Recipe: Online Marketing in a Cookie-less World

The cookie is dead. Long live the cookie!  The cookie has been the king of all things data in marketing for the past 20+ years. And while the reign has been long and profitable (for brands, at least), it’s quickly coming to an end. After both Apple and Mozilla announced they were discontinuing the use of third-party […]

Webinar: A Guide to SMTs in 2021

SMTs are back. The PR industry’s most effective brand awareness tool has evolved over the years, increasing in value and proving to be a compelling way to reach your audience. But what does a Satellite Media Tour look like in 2021? How does a Virtual Media Tour work? What are the benefits of a broadcast media tour? How can you shift […]

The Intersection of Brand Experience and Customer Experience

Definition 6’s Jason Rockman in conversation with Will Setliff of Dawn Marketing and Christopher Thomas-Moore of Domino’s​ Gone are the days when a great TV commercial was all you needed to win over audiences. In today’s constantly connected society, consumers have access to more information – and choices – than ever before. How do brands break through decision […]

More Than Just Your Target Audience: How to Make Marketing Accessible to Everyone

On July 26th we acknowledge National Disability Independence Day, a day that celebrates the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, an important milestone for millions of Americans living with a disability in this country. According to U.S. Census data, over a quarter of all Americans are living with a diagnosed disability, and over half of those with a disability […]

America the Beautiful: A Q&A with RVshare’s Maddi Bourgerie

Maddi Bourgerie is the Director of Communications and PR at RVshare, a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. A dynamic marketing and communications professional with more than 7 years of experience, Bourgerie started her career in the up-and-coming vacation rental industry, and now works as a consultant for countless hospitality and travel companies while also leading the in-house efforts at RVshare. Her team is working to raise awareness for RV rentals as […]

What’s the True Measure of GA4, Google’s Newest Analytics Platform?

Google Analytics has some big changes coming. Here’s what you need to know and when to take action.

PR Services, client relationships and kombucha: Behind the scenes with DEFINITION 6’s Rich Quigley

Behind the Scenes: Rich Quigley Tell us about your background before you came to DEFINITION 6.  Growing up, it had always been my dream to work in media, but I had no idea in what capacity, so the early years of my career were about exploring different opportunities. After college, I worked in daytime television in LA for a few years, then moved to […]

Music, technology, and the Super Bowl: In the studio with Ted Marcus, Sound Designer at DEFINITION 6

Behind the Talent: Ted Marcus Ted, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who are you, and where are you from?​My name is Ted Marcus. I am a sound designer and mixer. I’ve been working here in New York City since the early 90’s. I lived in Connecticut and moved to New York […]

Client Spotlight: Jayme Sandberg

Interview, March 2021 Nikki Kunkle, PR Services Account Manager, DEFINITION 6, had a virtual coffee with Jayme Sandberg, National Communications Strategy Lead, Patients and Well-being at American Heart Association. Jayme shared why she’s passionate about her work and extolled the virtues of Midwest living. Read on below! What has been your proudest moment in your career?In 2020 […]

Webinar: Pitching Perfect

Ten Ways to Get Your Story Heard in 2021  It’s no secret that getting media coverage has never been harder and more competitive. That’s why DEFINITION 6 enlisted the help of two top-ten market journalists, who dished their secrets on what makes a great pitch. At the beginning of March we held a virtual event —  Getting Your Story Heard in 2021: A […]

6 Reasons Your A/B Test Failed (And What to Do About It)

Are your A/B tests ending with a shrug? Too often, A/B test results are inconclusive or worse, incorrect. A carefully designed A/B test avoids these common mistakes below. 1. You Didn’t Use Randomized Groups An A/B test must be free of bias. By randomizing the placement of your test population into A and B groups, […]

6 Common Data Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

These common issues can torpedo your reporting and analytics initiatives. Make your data work harder and generate higher-quality insights by avoiding these key mistakes. 1. Analysis Without Objectives Without a defined set of business objectives, your analytics efforts are going to struggle. Before diving into your data blindly, ensure that you have gone through a […]

Introducing “Launch P.A.D.”™ By DEFINITION 6

A Suite of Advanced Analytics Solutions Designed to Turn Data into DecisionsUsing the strength of good data, we just made it easier to drive your business forward. Our advanced analytics platform, Launch P.A.D.™ (Performance. Analytics. Decisions.), is changing the way brands leverage data to improve customer experience. Launch P.A.D™ offers end-to-end data management through a […]

The Six Pillars of Great Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience (or Digital CX) is more than a buzzword or a trend—it’s a pillar of marketing, right up there with consumer research, digital strategy, and brand identity. Good Digital CX happens at the crossroad of innovative technology, smart analytics, and impactful content. When these things come together, they create a positive, memorable experience […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing

As the importance of Content marketing continues to expand for nearly every type of business, industry, and brand, it’s critical to remember the importance of taking a measured approach that focuses on value and attribution in order to develop a program with staying power.  At its core, Content Marketing should be viewed as a critical […]

11 Football Principles that Translate to Public Relations

Ah, the beginning of the Fall has arrived. It’s a busy time for us PR and marketing pros because it signifies the final push for results by the end of the calendar year. With a ‘use-it or lose-it’ budget in most cases, we try to find tactics to land as much top-tier media coverage as […]

A Contact is Not a Relationship, but it’s a Good Start

Relationships are the key to success in every field. Here are my top 20 ways to help create an effective business relationship. Find a point of commonality Build on trust The little things count (like remembering birthdays or anniversaries) Don’t sell all the time Stay in touch Don’t be annoying Make relationship building a goal […]

6 Steps to Help Get Your PSA Aired

PSA campaigns are a great way for nonprofits to share their message through broadcast. But just because broadcast outlets run PSAs for free, it doesn’t mean getting your spot on the air is easy. Successful PSA campaigns are built through preparation, pitching, persistence and patience (and sometimes prayer). Television stations receive hundreds of PSA submissions […]

Navigating the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is a wild, crazy, keep-you-on-your-toes industry. Unlike other career paths, like law, medicine or even entrepreneurship, the journey down the path to an entertainment-related career can sometimes be near impossible to find, which is why it’s important to not be afraid of forging your own. I may be dating myself a little, but from […]