D6 Perspectives: Thoughts on Being LGBTQ+ in the Workplace

We decided the best way to celebrate Pride month this year was by listening, so we grabbed a group of our LGBTQ+ colleagues together for a chat. One of the great things about our D6 community is the diversity within our “diversity group”, so we wanted to hear what each person had to say on […]

Your Quick Guide to Driving Strategy Using Analysis and Insights

By Aaron Gill, with contributions from Stephanie Putnam and Dwenya Pouncy  With a variety of different digital platforms, channels, and technologies currently available in the world, many businesses confront digital experience strategy with confusion and a hodgepodge approach that is more like throwing spaghetti at a wall than using insightful strategic thinking.    Although it […]

The Digital Transformation Journey Begins with this Single Step

Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives are so ubiquitous that any company not sponsoring one is likely in the 1 percentile. According to a Pre-Pandemic Gartner Survey, 96% of CIOs reported some form of DX initiative being funded Post-pandemic.  Although there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach for digital transformation, D6 has successfully transformed multiple large-scale enterprises by following […]

Johnny vs. Amber: A Master Class in Public Relations

BY MELANIE REITER, SR. MEDIA RELATIONS COORDINATOR AT DEFINITION 6 A glimpse behind Hollywood’s curtain wasn’t the only thing on display at the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial. We were also given a front-row seat to a master class in the power of PR to drive public opinion, taught by Team Johnny. Thanks to […]

Top 5 Customer Loyalty Programs of 2022

BY MARIAH HABERMAN, VP OF MARKETING AT DEFINITION 6 “My whole thing is loyalty.” – Fetty Wap  As a great American rapper once said, loyalty is everything. Perhaps no one knows this better than the marketing teams at some of the biggest brands in the country.  At DEFINITION 6, we talk customer loyalty programs day […]

Email: The Holy Grail of the MarCom Toolbox

BY CLARK KIPLING, SVP OF STRATEGY & ANALYTICS AT DEFINITION 6 Email. This workhorse medium might not be the most glamorous tool in your MarTech stack, but underestimate it at your own risk. That’s because few channels can match its ability to drive revenue and deliver ROI. In fact, it’s so reliable that we often […]

7 Signs You Need to Take a Mental Health Day (and How to Talk to Your Boss About It)

BY JENNIFER BRISKIN, CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER AT DEFINITION 6 Creating a Mind Shift to Honor Our Mental Health  We are quick to honor ourselves when we are sick, taking a PTO day for physical illness without even thinking about it; but do we honor ourselves the same way when we need a day to recharge […]

Shaping Our Culture: Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month at DEFINITION 6

As we all pause to pay tribute to the generations of Asian American and Pacific Islanders who helped shape our country’s success, we wanted to recognize the outsized impact our AAPI coworkers have had on the culture and accomplishments here at DEFINITION 6. Get to know these amazing D6’ers as they share some of the […]

Machine Learning: A Social Media Game Changer

BY STEPHANIE PUTNAM, DIGITAL STRATEGIST AT DEFINITION 6 First things first: What is machine learning?  Machine learning uses technologies and algorithms that can quickly identify patterns, assess users’ behaviors, and help brands make better decisions that ultimately improve the customer experience. Machine learning is a big deal for our clients here at DEFINITION 6, since […]

Loyalty and the Evolving Brand Mindset

BY JASON ROCKMAN, PRESIDENT OF DEFINITION 6 As the concept of a cookie-less world continues to take shape and the rise of consumer tracking prevention is upon us, the utilization of first-party data is more important than ever. For brands, this presents an opportunity to get serious—or, hopefully, more serious—about what measures they can take […]

The Women Who Inspire Us

Happy International Women’s Day! Get to know a few of the bright, talented and amazing women who inspire us every day here at DEFINITION 6. ANDREA ALLENVP, Production My mantra at work is_______. Who doesn’t love a shoot day!? What advice would you give your younger self? Not to worry so much. It all works […]

“All my life, I have been a proud Ukrainian.”

These last few days have been emotional. I have friends who tell me they are not able to make contact with their loved ones in Ukraine. A woman from my church worries for her 18-year-old son-in-law who has been called to fight on the front line. Another friend of mine shakes in fear as she […]

Are Supply Chain Disruptions Harming Your Brand’s Customer Experience?

Supply chain issues—one of the many unexpected outcomes of the global pandemic. It is now clear that as long as the virus is disrupting our daily lives, we should expect delays to continue to disrupt the business world.  In a study conducted by The Economist, business leaders say the biggest consequence of supply chain disruption over […]

D6 Perspectives: In Conversation with Black Media Professionals

To celebrate Black History Month and to foster and encourage open and meaningful conversations around race as well as Diversity & Inclusion, we invited a panel of D6’ers to share some of their experiences around being Black in the media industry. On the mic:  Nicola Blount, VP, Media Relations & Reporting, PR Services, DEFINITION 6  Akeem […]

A Q&A with D6’s PR Services Team

What do you get when you gather some of D6’s brightest PR minds to discuss the state of their business, their most memorable campaigns, and what they see on the horizon for the industry? You get a lot of can’t-miss insights and 2022 predictions.   On the mic:   Rich Quigley—SVP, Group Director, PR Services, DEFINITION 6   […]

A Different Kind of Agency: Why I would still choose DEFINITION 6

Every first day at a new job is essentially the same, right?   You get dressed in the outfit you carefully selected, almost not needing that morning coffee due to nervous excitement. You take a deep breath to steady yourself as you begin the day. When you arrive at your new office (or log into […]

5 Reasons Why Co-op Media Tours Will Be More Important Than Ever in 2022

As PR practitioners and marketers, we are constantly adjusting the ways we communicate with the media and connect with consumers. The best campaigns are those that take advantage of a variety of communications channels; however, marketing dollars are being spent on digital more than ever, often at the expense of “traditional” channels. But if mediums […]

2022 Digital Marketing Predictions You Should Care About

Every fall, marketers scour articles, reports and whitepapers galore to discover what new and unexpected digital trends are about to lay the foundation for the future of marketing. And despite the pandemic era presenting us a mountain of marketing curveballs and virtually unpredictable digital trends, here’s one projection we’re 100% sure about:  2022 digital marketing […]

A Q&A with D6’s Entertainment Marketing Team

We’re just going to say it: We have a brilliant entertainment marketing team here at DEFINITION 6. And we want you to meet a few of the team members who make up this award-winning crew. So, we talked five amazing D6’ers into sitting down with us to answer a handful of our hard-hitting questions.   On the mic:  Jasmine Ginyard—Line Producer, DEFINITION 6  Crystal Hall—SVP, Creative Director, DEFINITION […]

2021 Holiday Shopping Trends + Stats

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – prediction season! How will consumers shop this year? Just how overwhelmingly powerful is eCommerce in the second pandemic holiday season? We have those insights and more, all wrapped up and ready to be opened below.   Spoiler alert: It’s all online.   Since hitting record highs in 2020 (you may recall: Online U.S. consumer spending was up 32.4% YOY, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce), online […]

6 Times Halloween Marketing Was Spookily Smart

While Thanksgiving and Christmas get most of marketers’ attention (and budget!), Halloween is a great time to target your audience in fun and unexpected ways. We put together a list of six of our favorite Halloween marketing campaigns and one-offs to get you inspired to scare attract your customers this time of year.     That time Airbnb let a […]

6 Ways Marketing Changed History

“Advertising doesn’t work on me.”  If you work in marketing, you’ve likely heard this line. But is it true? History tells us: Not really. Let’s talk about the ways advertising has worked on us—all of us. Join us on a little trip through time to discover how marketing has changed culture as we know it. (And you’re welcome for the cocktail trivia.)   Pan-American Coffee Bureau gave us coffee breaks.  The coffee break: […]

Meet the CEO: A conversation with Jeff Katz from DEFINITION 6

Meet Abbey and Finn’s dog dad, Jeff Katz. While we get to work closely with our CEO every day, we realize most of the internet isn’t as lucky, which is why we decided to have a chat with him so you could all get to know him better. He shared some insightful thoughts and some curious facts with us, and now it’s your […]

Digital CX: 6 Areas Worth Focusing On

Chances are, you’re already following a few Digital Customer Experience best practices. But are you focusing on the areas that matter most to your audience? If you’re not sure, then keep reading. We’ve put together the six most important points to focus on when it comes to your marketing efforts so you can offer your […]

Get What You Pay For: The True Cost Of Software Underutilization

We hate to be the ones to break it to you but, chances are, you’re paying for software you’re not using. And you’re not alone: According to Gartner, MarTech makes up over a quarter of marketing budgets, but 40 percent of that investment goes unused. One of the reasons why that happens is that companies often purchase two products that are pretty much identical—what a waste! To see what you can […]

In The Spotlight: Roxanne Garcia

In 2019, we had the honor of being joined by Roxanne “Roxy” Garcia. With a wealth of experience, immeasurable talent, and an all-around, good-natured optimism, Roxy quickly became a vital and celebrated member of our team. Also worth noting: The lady has some serious style. We think you’ll love our resident chicken nugget connoisseur as much as we do, so we asked her a few questions to help you get to know her better.  What do you do […]

When Sharing Isn’t Caring—the Importance of Data Security

Oversharing your data can be more than embarrassing—it can negatively impact your business.  Smartphones, cars, even fridges—in today’s world, (almost) everything can be connected to the internet. And while that’s practical (ordering your groceries straight from your refrigerator? Yes, please!), the sheer amount of data exchanged across all these devices leads to increased connectivity—and thus, increased security risks. […]

Revising the Recipe: Online Marketing in a Cookie-less World

The cookie is dead. Long live the cookie!  The cookie has been the king of all things data in marketing for the past 20+ years. And while the reign has been long and profitable (for brands, at least), it’s quickly coming to an end. After both Apple and Mozilla announced they were discontinuing the use of third-party […]

Webinar: A Guide to SMTs in 2021

SMTs are back. The PR industry’s most effective brand awareness tool has evolved over the years, increasing in value and proving to be a compelling way to reach your audience. But what does a Satellite Media Tour look like in 2021? How does a Virtual Media Tour work? What are the benefits of a broadcast media tour? How can you shift […]

The Intersection of Brand Experience and Customer Experience

Definition 6’s Jason Rockman in conversation with Will Setliff of Dawn Marketing and Christopher Thomas-Moore of Domino’s​ Gone are the days when a great TV commercial was all you needed to win over audiences. In today’s constantly connected society, consumers have access to more information – and choices – than ever before. How do brands break through decision […]

More Than Just Your Target Audience: How to Make Marketing Accessible to Everyone

On July 26 we acknowledge National Disability Independence Day, a day that celebrates the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, an important milestone for millions of Americans living with a disability in this country. According to U.S. Census data, over a quarter of all Americans are living with a diagnosed disability, and over half of those with a disability […]

America the Beautiful: A Q&A with RVshare’s Maddi Bourgerie

Maddi Bourgerie is the Director of Communications and PR at RVshare, a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. A dynamic marketing and communications professional with more than 7 years of experience, Bourgerie started her career in the up-and-coming vacation rental industry, and now works as a consultant for countless hospitality and travel companies while also leading the in-house efforts at RVshare. Her team is working to raise awareness for RV rentals as […]

What’s the True Measure of GA4, Google’s Newest Analytics Platform?

Google Analytics has some big changes coming. Here’s what you need to know and when to take action.

RE: Here’s what the iOS 15 update really means for your email program.

Take a deep breath: this is a powerful wave of PR but we have been here before…

PR Services, client relationships and kombucha: Behind the scenes with DEFINITION 6’s Rich Quigley

Behind the Scenes: Rich Quigley Tell us about your background before you came to DEFINITION 6.  Growing up, it had always been my dream to work in media, but I had no idea in what capacity, so the early years of my career were about exploring different opportunities. After college, I worked in daytime television in LA for a few years, then moved to […]

VIDEO: Why Performance Marketing is Critical to Your Success

What the Numbers Mean and Why They Matter Whether you call it performance, acquisition, or behavioral marketing, marrying data to creative is now a critical function that all entertainment services must practice. From nascent streamers, to linear networks or full-fledged digital platforms, working with data is no longer optional. Fine-tuning the process of wringing the […]

Music, technology, and the Super Bowl: In the studio with Ted Marcus, Sound Designer at DEFINITION 6

Behind the Talent: Ted Marcus Ted, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who are you, and where are you from?​My name is Ted Marcus. I am a sound designer and mixer. I’ve been working here in New York City since the early 90’s. I lived in Connecticut and moved to New York […]

Client Spotlight: Jayme Sandberg

Interview, March 2021 Nikki Kunkle, PR Services Account Manager, DEFINITION 6, had a virtual coffee with Jayme Sandberg, National Communications Strategy Lead, Patients and Well-being at American Heart Association. Jayme shared why she’s passionate about her work and extolled the virtues of Midwest living. Read on below! What has been your proudest moment in your career?In 2020 […]

Email in the Time of Coronavirus: How to Market During COVID-19 the Empathetic Way

If you have received an email from a brand you subscribe to about Covid-19, you’re not alone. And with the constantly changing rules and regulations regarding overall business, the odds are you have received multiple emails from the same company regarding their stance and how you, the consumer, can still interact with them, the company. […]

The TL;DR March 2, 2021

This week we’re discussing common myths of repurposing content, webinar etiquette tips for presenters & attendees, and the dos & don’ts of marketing and sales automation. In case you didn’t read last week’s edition, you can find it here.  3 Common Myths About Repurposing Content Debunked The benefits of repurposing content are twofold: maximize your content investments […]

Webinar: Pitching Perfect

Ten Ways to Get Your Story Heard in 2021  It’s no secret that getting media coverage has never been harder and more competitive. That’s why DEFINITION 6 enlisted the help of two top-ten market journalists, who dished their secrets on what makes a great pitch. At the beginning of March we held a virtual event —  Getting Your Story Heard in 2021: A […]

The TL;DR February 23, 2021

This week we’re discussing marketing channels to focus on in 2021, the impacts of 2020 according to Black-owned agency leaders, and key traits of engaging B2B content. Did you catch our last edition? If not, you can read it here!  7 Marketing Channels to Focus on in 2021 You can make all the content you want, but if no […]

The TL;DR February 9, 2021

This week we’re discussing marketing trends that will shape the tech landscape, using persona-based marketing to amplify ABM efforts, and the challenges & benefits of AI chatbots. Read last week’s edition here if you missed it.  5 Sales & Marketing Predictions That Will Shape the Tech Landscape in 2021 Last year’s world events accelerated digital transformation and broadened the widespread […]

The TL;DR February 2, 2021

This week we’re discussing steps for a social media strategy that leads to sales, video ideas to generate leads, and building buyer personas. Don’t worry if you missed last week’s edition – you can read it here.  5 Steps for a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Leads to Conversions & Sales You may be ready to sell your product/services, but […]

Meet Anthony Cortese

Ten-time Emmy winner, Anthony J. Cortese brings to DEFINITION 6 over thirty years of experience telling unique stories on TV. He is currently working on his fifth Super Bowl Broadcast, for which he will be cutting several pieces. The spots will be viewed by well over 110-million people during the game. Talk about high-profile! He […]

The TL;DR January 26, 2021

This week we’re discussing agile marketing values for your content process, SEO myths debunked, and B2B customer engagement strategies. Did you miss our last post? Click here to read it!  5 Agile Marketing Values to Sharpen Your Content Process Even if you’re only responsible for one part of the content process, it’s best that you have a comprehensive, end-to-end view of […]

The TL;DR January 12, 2021

This week we’re discussing reasons to utilize short-form video content in your strategy, steps for generating and converting more leads, and marketing trends for 2021. If you missed our last edition, you can read it here. 3 Short-Form Video Trends Online Marketers Should Watch in 2021 Studies show that people share videos at twice the rate […]

The TL;DR December 15, 2020

This week we’re discussing tips to measure customer happiness, ways to improve your brand image, and CMO predictions for 2021. If you haven’t had a chance to read last week’s edition, check it out here.  4 Tips to Measuring Customer Happiness Unhappy customers and successful businesses do not go hand-in-hand. Furthermore, repeat business doesn’t necessarily prove customer happiness. Understand your […]

The TL;DR December 8, 2020

This week we’re discussing social media trends for next year, landing page copywriting tips, and utilizing video content during the holidays. Read our last edition here if you haven’t already.  9 Social Media Trends Marketers Should Watch in 2021 Given the circumstances of this past year, our connection to social has increased exponentially as 3.6 billion users look to their platforms for networking, […]

The TL;DR November 24, 2020

This week we’re discussing tips for engagement on LinkedIn, essentials for a strong brand strategy, and design trends for 2021. Catch last week’s edition here in case you missed it.  3 Tips for Creating Meaningful Engagement on LinkedIn Conversations on LinkedIn helps you build relationships that in turn help you achieve your next lead. Try these tips so that […]

The TL;DR November 17, 2020

This week we’re discussing ideas for content creation, tips for creating better landing pages, and stats to help improve your blog’s conversion rate. You can find last week’s edition here.  5 Underused Ways to Get Better Content Ideas Inspiration can strike from anywhere and anything. Create your next hit content with these less-common sources and learn more […]

6 Reasons Your A/B Test Failed (And What to Do About It)

Are your A/B tests ending with a shrug? Too often, A/B test results are inconclusive or worse, incorrect. A carefully designed A/B test avoids these common mistakes below. 1. You Didn’t Use Randomized Groups An A/B test must be free of bias. By randomizing the placement of your test population into A and B groups, […]

The TL;DR November 10, 2020

This week we’re discussing tips for virtual events, how to promote your content on social media, and Google’s new ranking signal for SEO. If you didn’t get a chance to read our last edition, find it here.  5 Lessons Learned After One Month of Virtual Events The pivot from in-person to virtual events is inevitable these […]

6 Common Data Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

These common issues can torpedo your reporting and analytics initiatives. Make your data work harder and generate higher-quality insights by avoiding these key mistakes. 1. Analysis Without Objectives Without a defined set of business objectives, your analytics efforts are going to struggle. Before diving into your data blindly, ensure that you have gone through a […]

The TL;DR October 27, 2020

This week we’re discussing using visual storytelling in marketing, reasons for success in virtual events, and targeting gamers with LinkedIn campaigns. Did you miss last week’s edition? Read it here.  5 Ways to Use Visual Storytelling in Your Marketing Your business has a story to tell, and in today’s marketing, you can tell that story with […]

The TL;DR October 20, 2020

This week we’re discussing ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment, how to increase Instagram engagement rate, and the benefits of social media. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here.  5 Proven Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment About 2 out of 3 people will leave their online shopping cart before checking out. These missed […]

The TL;DR October 13, 2020

This week we’re discussing data to include in CRM, account-based marketing, and SEO techniques to increase search traffic. In case you missed last week’s edition, you can read it here.   4 Types of Data to Include in Your CRM As the driver of your business strategy and projection, data allows you to better reach your customers […]

Turning Data Into Decisions: Don’t Let Insights Die On the Vine

Learn more about LaunchP.A.D.™ Too often, marketing analytics efforts are “reactive”, and result in few insights and little action. To keep insights from dying on the vine, here are three areas to focus on if you find your organization struggling with actioning data. 1. Integrate analytics into your planning process. Don’t be reactive, and don’t wait […]

How to Make Powerful Data Decisions Using Credible Data Science

Living in a data-driven world is a double-edged sword. While we have staggering amounts of data at our fingertips, we also run the risk of turning it into bad data science. And a decision made based on poor analytics can have a negative impact on business. But we’re not here to talk about the pitfalls […]

The TL;DR October 6, 2020 

This week we’re discussing crafting your brand identity, the importance of content analytics, and stages in the content marketing process. Missed last week’s edition? Read it here!  4 Steps to Your Brand Messaging Framework Consumers find inspiration and motive to buy your product in the way your brand communicates itself. Craft an effective brand message using the framework […]

The TL;DR September 29, 2020

This week we’re discussing B2B email marketing practices, tips for creating calls to action, and a checklist for effective buyer personas. Read last week’s edition here if you haven’t already.  5 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices to Maximize Your Campaign Given that 73% of US millennials are involved in purchase decision-making at companies, B2B campaigning is a lucrative lead source that your brand needs. […]

More Than Numbers: Data Storytelling & Visualization

When people think of analytics, they tend to think of numbers, charts, dashboards, and excel sheets. Really, it’s much more. When used to its fullest extent, data can influence decisions that can help grow your business and increase revenue. At DEFINITION 6, we help you understand your data and make those revenue-increasing decisions. Gathering information […]

Introducing “Launch P.A.D.”™ By DEFINITION 6

A Suite of Advanced Analytics Solutions Designed to Turn Data into DecisionsUsing the strength of good data, we just made it easier to drive your business forward. Our advanced analytics platform, Launch P.A.D.™ (Performance. Analytics. Decisions.), is changing the way brands leverage data to improve customer experience. Launch P.A.D™ offers end-to-end data management through a […]

The TL;DR September 15, 2020

This week we’re discussing ways to increase your audience response, guidelines for site usability and experience, and top priorities for brands on social media. Did you miss our last edition? Read it here. 7 Ways to Increase Your Audience Response Looking to inspire more people to respond to your emails? Consider adapting one or more of […]

The TL;DR September 22, 2020

This week we’re discussing Google ranking factors, practices from customer-centric brands, and dos & don’ts of email marketing. In case you didn’t get a chance to read last week’s edition, read it here.  8 Major Google Ranking Factors for SEO With over two hundred known Google ranking factors, we’ve narrowed down the most important with this definitive […]

The TL;DR September 1, 2020

This week we’re discussing including voice tech in your brand strategy, types of stories to use to market your business, and website & UX stats. In case you missed last week’s edition, you can find it here. 3 Ways to Include Voice Tech in Your Content Marketing Strategy With 24% of American adults having a smart […]

The TL;DR August 25, 2020

This week we’re discussing reasons to include PR specialists in content creation, content and tech tips for 2021, and tips for an effective website. Have you read last week’s TL;DR? Check it out here.  4 Reasons Why a Digital PR Specialist Should Be Involved in Content Creation Put content creators in the same room as your digital PR […]

The TL;DR August 18, 2020

This week we’re discussing best practices for landing page optimization, strategies for B2B lead generation, and video marketing stats of 2020. Don’t worry if you missed last week’s edition. You can read it here.  6 Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization Creating a landing page is not all too difficult, but let’s make sure it’s a landing page that actually converts. Add these tips to […]

The TL;DR August 11, 2020

This week we’re discussing using video marketing in eCommerce, ways to use case studies in your marketing, and SEO signals and ranking factors to know. Did you miss last week’s edition? You can find it here.  7 Product Video Stats Marketers Need to Know Though settling for photos and graphics may be the most cost-efficient setup, producing videos to showcase your product is […]

The TL;DR August 4, 2020

This week we’re discussing tips for creating shareable content, lead generation mistakes to avoid, and the immediate future of content marketing. Just in case you missed last week’s edition, you can click here to read it. 6 Ways to Create Content That Markets Itself When it comes to social media marketing, doing the bare minimum isn’t going […]

The TL;DR July 28, 2020

This week we’re discussing Gen Z spending habits, ways to improve your content performance, and insights into effective brand messaging. In case you didn’t read last week’s edition, you can read it here. 5 Things Gen Z Will Spend Money On & Why Marketers Should Care Compared to Millennials, Gen Z tends to be more budget-conscious […]

Mentoring in a Virtual World

One does not succeed alone, and surrounding yourself with a group of mentors is paramount to both personal and professional growth. Their kindness, respect, and honesty will inspire you to be both a better creative professional and a valued team leader. Thus, it’s always a genuine honor and pleasure to participate in the annual AIGA […]

The TL;DR July 21, 2020

This week we’re discussing compelling social marketing tips, steps to kickstart account-based marketing, and ways to boost your online presence. Don’t worry if you missed last week’s edition. You can read it here.   5 Considerations for a Compelling Social Media Marketing Approach Combine quality products, a distinctive brand voice, and an integrated approach to social […]

The TL;DR July 14, 2020

This week we’re discussing ways to use social media data for content, common Facebook ad mistakes to avoid, and on-page ranking factors for SEO success. Did you miss last week’s edition? Catch it here. 5 Creative Ways to Use Social Media Data as a Source for Content Having data as the driving force behind your content […]

The TL;DR July 7, 2020

This week we’re discussing tips for conversational marketing, interactive content to include in blog posts, and website mistakes that affect SEO. If you missed last week’s edition, you can read it here. 6 Effective Tips for Successful Conversational Marketing Combine social listening and engagement with an understanding of the user experience by gathering feedback through conversational […]

The TL;DR June 30, 2020

This week we’re discussing global marketing challenges, lessons to note before starting a research project, and the pros and cons of webinars and podcasts. If you missed last week’s edition, you can read it here. 8 Marketing Challenges Faced Globally Though platforms and technology are evolving, the struggles and challenges of marketing have remained consistent. Review […]

The TL;DR June 23, 2020

This week we’re discussing keyword research trends, the value of integrating visual content in your marketing campaign, and ways to build a deeper brand audience connection. Did you miss last week’s edition? Read it here! 3 Keyword Research Trends to Make Your Content More Visible All content marketing strategies share a consistent similarity – keyword research […]

The TL;DR June 16, 2020

This week we’re discussing ways to implement audio in marketing, important marketing metrics to measure, and lead magnet ideas to expand your email list. In case you didn’t catch last week’s edition, read it here. 4 Ways to Use Audio in B2B Marketing Audio content and listenership are on the rise, presenting more opportunities for marketers. […]

The TL;DR June 9, 2020

This week we’re discussing easy and effective snackable content formats, steps for creating empathetic content, and landing page practices to boost conversion rates on your site. No need to fret if you missed last week’s edition – you can read it here. 4 Snackable Content Formats That Lead to Lucrative Outcomes As opposed to long-form content, […]

The TL;DR June 2, 2020

This week we’re discussing tactics for crisis marketing, LinkedIn statistics, and product search trends amid COVID-19. You can find our last edition here in case you missed it. 4 Tactics to Add to Your Crisis Marketing Playbook With the repercussions of the global pandemic all around us, marketers are recognizing the opportunity for new plays. Make sure […]

The TL;DR May 19, 2020

This week we’re discussing psychological drivers that influence consumer behavior, the importance of consumer identity in a cookieless world, and the event industry’s future. Didn’t catch last week’s edition? Read it here. 4 Cognitive Biases and Psychological Drivers Influencing Behavior By including the use of psychology in your marketing strategy, you can increase conversions and reduce […]

The TL;DR May 12, 2020

This week we’re discussing lead nurturing tactics, user-generated content in a post-lockdown world, and steps for managing a PR crisis. In case you missed last week’s edition, you can find it here. 7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics Implementing a lead nurturing strategy can have a huge impact on the results of your inbound marketing strategy, […]

The TL;DR May 5, 2020

This week we’re discussing how to balance brand safety and corporate responsibility, recent sales metrics, and news consumption trends amid COVID-19. Don’t worry if you missed last week’s edition! You can read it here. 3 Tips to Balance Brand Safety and Corporate Responsibility Access to quality information is critical during a crisis. Advertisers have a corporate […]

TV Production in The Time of Coronavirus

What happens when you can’t produce a show in a studio full of techs, talent, and an audience? You shoot it from home! Cheaper solutions are everywhere, and they are looking better and better as their use is expanded over the broadcast and digital spectrum. Early on, as the news chat shows like ABC NIGHTLINE […]

The TL;DR April 28, 2020

This week we’re discussing ways to make your content viral, online search behaviors of Gen Z, and marketing KPIs you should be tracking. You can read last week’s edition here if you didn’t catch it. 6 Ways to Create Content That Markets Itself Since content is constantly being shared across the web, it takes more than simply […]

The TL;DR April 21, 2020

This week we’re discussing tips for a better customer experience, ways the workplace is changing, and the idea of paying for social media to avoid data-sharing. Missed last week’s edition? Read it here! 7 Tips to Make Every Interaction with Customers the Best Customer experience shouldn’t end with the sale. It’s an ongoing process that your […]

Advertising in the Time of Coronavirus

Brave New World All you have to do is visit Times Square in New York City, Piccadilly Circus in London, or Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, and the empty streets tell the story. What once were crowded, brightly lit by huge electronic billboards, public squares, have become something out of a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie. If […]

The TL;DR April 14, 2020

This week we’re discussing alternatives to tracking cookies, lead generation ideas, and emerging trends related to COVID-19. If you missed last week’s edition, you can find it here. 6 Marketing Alternatives to Tracking Third-Party Cookies Though third-party cookies will soon phase out, other tactics can still help you learn about your target audience, develop buyer personas, […]

The TL;DR April 7, 2020

This week we’re discussing customer retention strategies & tools and best times for posting on Instagram. Don’t worry if you missed last week’s edition. You can find it here! 6 Ways to Boost Your Customer Retention Rate Every single customer is hard-earned. Implement one or more of the following customer retention strategies to help you receive […]

ADA Website Compliance & Interactive Accessibility: A Beginner’s Guide

As access to digital channels and platforms becomes more and more a critical part of daily life, it is imperative that ADA compliance, as it relates to digital customer experiences, is not only considered, but followed.  According to US Census Data, nearly 1 in 5 Americans are living with a diagnosed disability, and over half of those […]

The TL;DR March 31, 2020

This week we’re discussing recent online behavioral shifts, steps for streamlining your reporting with AI, and SEO hacks to drive results. In case you missed last week’s edition, you can find it here. Online Behavioral Shifts Amid COVID-19 Are Beginning to Take Shape Due to the various coronavirus lockdowns, we’re adapting to new ways to connect […]

The Six Pillars of Great Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience (or Digital CX) is more than a buzzword or a trend—it’s a pillar of marketing, right up there with consumer research, digital strategy, and brand identity. Good Digital CX happens at the crossroad of innovative technology, smart analytics, and impactful content. When these things come together, they create a positive, memorable experience […]

The New Golden Age of Television

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of the things people have gotten used to in their daily lives, but maybe one more than anyone could have expected. The huge losses at the box-office brought on by social distancing have opened up the online distribution of new major feature films. NBCUniversal’s new movie releases including The […]

The TL;DR March 24, 2020

This week we’re discussing tips for working from home, a checklist for your next marketing email, and ways to increase your content marketing conversion rate. Didn’t read last week’s edition? Click here to read it! 14 Tips to Successfully Work From Home With more people working from home than ever before, it’s important to stay productive in […]

The TL;DR March 17, 2020

This week we’re discussing tips for local SEO, the differences in usage of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and must-know email marketing metrics. You can read last week’s edition here in case you missed it. 8 Tips to Optimize Your Site for Local SEO Four out of five consumers use search to find local information. Use these eight […]

The TL;DR March 10, 2020

This week we’re discussing ways to build a memorable brand, steps for optimizing for local search, and tips on experiential marketing. Didn’t catch last week’s edition? You can read it here. 4 Ways to Build a Memorable Brand Your brand is the identity of your business and how it makes people feel. Check out these four […]

The TL;DR March 3, 2020

This week we’re discussing ways to make your blog posts shareworthy, copy tips for writing tweets, and design tips for your contact page. You can also find last week’s edition here if you missed it. 6 Steps for Creating Shareworthy Blog Posts A blog is your most important owned property. This content shows thought leadership and assures […]

The TL;DR February 25, 2020

This week we’re discussing the benefits of drone videography, utilizing insights-driven marketing, and steps for creating website content. If you missed the latest edition, you can read it here. Benefits of Drone Video for Businesses Video should be a focal point of your marketing efforts, especially considering it’s the best performing content type across social platforms. […]

Into The Stream: One Person’s Journey to Cutting the Cord

When I recently moved into my new apartment in New York City, the first thing I did was to buy two 55” Samsung 4K smart TV’s. I didn’t even have a bed or a chair, but my priorities are my priorities. For the first time, I chose not to buy cable with my Wi-Fi package.  […]

The TL;DR February 11, 2020

This week we’re discussing share of voice, how to do SEO in 2020, and augmented reality in eCommerce trends. Don’t worry if you missed last week’s edition – you can read it here. Share of Voice: What It Is and Why It Matters Calculating a comparative share of voice will give you a quick assessment of […]

The TL;DR February 4, 2020

This week we’re looking at tips for scaling content production, Google’s chatbots, and marketing predictions for the coming decade. If you missed last week’s edition, you can read it here. 5 Tips for Scaling Content Production Without Sacrificing Quality Shifting your team’s focus on content quantity can negatively impact the quality of your marketing efforts. Maintaining […]

The TL;DR January 28, 2020

This week we’re discussing 2020 social media trends, the fate of influencer marketing, and email marketing stats. Did you miss our last edition? Have no fear; you can read it here. 3 Evolving Social Media Trends to Embrace in 2020 With social media marketing practices constantly updating, it’s important to know the latest trends to keep […]

Personalization vs Privacy: Zero Party Data and the Future of Marketing

We’ve all heard it before:  “Personalization is the future of marketing!” “Consumers are happy to trade their data for more personalized ads!” “If you aren’t doing personalized marketing, you’re already behind.” But is it all true? In a post-Cambridge Analytica world, are consumers really all that happy to share their data with us? Are they truly comfortable […]

Entertainment in 2020: Streaming Solidifies Its Empire and Broadcast Continues to Decline

The New York Times recently wrote that “every three decades, or roughly once a generation, Hollywood [and media] experience a seismic shift. The transition from silent films to talkies in the 1920s. The rise of broadcast television in the 1950s. The raucous “I Want My MTV” cable boom of the 1980s. It is happening again. […]

The TL;DR January 14, 2020

This week we’re covering ways to earn more backlinks, tips to avoid looking desperate on LinkedIn, and a checklist for maximizing your SEO efforts. Find last week’s edition here if you missed it. 7 Ways to Earn More Backlinks in 2020 Gaining backlinks from credible sources generates organic traffic, boosting your search engine ranking and ultimately driving […]

The TL;DR November 26, 2019

This week we’re talking 2020 SEO trends, Facebook’s new ad placement control, and engaging your audience with storytelling. Just in case you missed last week’s edition, we have it right here for you. 5 Major SEO Trends That Will Influence Your Work in 2020 SEO allows you to always have a hand on the pulse and provide […]

6 with DEFINITION 6: Doug Dimon

We recently sat down with Doug Dimon, SVP Group Creative Director, to hear more about what he does, what he believes, and what he’s excited about for 2020.  What do you do here at D6? I head up the creative team here at D6 which includes all types of content creation, design (both UX and […]

Making AR Adoption a Reality: Have the Tools Finally Caught Up With the Technology?

For years the conversation about augmented reality centered on how there are some great practical applications for AR, but that the tools to easily build and incorporate those experiences were lacking. After discussing this yet again with a colleague recently, I lost my entire Saturday morning to investigating that argument. As a Digital Marketing Agency, […]

Dawn adds digital transformation agency, DEFINITION 6, expanding expertise within the portfolio

For Immediate Release D6 will collaborate with best-in-class agencies within the Modern Marketing portfolio, providing digital technology, consulting and implementation. New York City, September 5, 2019 Dawn, the portfolio of independent agencies with centralized data science, advanced analytics, measurement and media at its core, announced that DEFINITION 6, the Atlanta and New York City-based Digital […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing

As the importance of Content marketing continues to expand for nearly every type of business, industry, and brand, it’s critical to remember the importance of taking a measured approach that focuses on value and attribution in order to develop a program with staying power.  At its core, Content Marketing should be viewed as a critical […]

Voice19 Summit: How I Spent My Week in Newark, NJ

Day 1: Pre-Conference Executive Sessions I joined in on a workshop run by Google’s Head of Conversational Design, Wally Brill. He organized a room of about 150 people (CEOs, Designers, Coders, and Techies) into groups of 10, Our job was to brainstorm a “Voice Experience” for an imaginary brand, (ours was “Spacelines” a travel company […]

The Digital Hollywood Experience – Media Summit

VR/AR Think Tank Is virtual reality living up to the hype? Is augmented reality more than just Pokémon Go? What is MR? And now everyone is talking about XR…what the heck is that? Magic Leap just took in another huge round of funding from the Saudi’s, giving their eight year old unseen MR product a multi billion […]

I Survived CES 2019

Every year CES pulls in around 200 thousand people who want to see what’s new in tech, reconnect with old friends over a great Las Vegas meal, make a deal or two, and get away unscathed. This year was no different. But unlike past years, there wasn’t a “killer” tech that took your breath away. […]

Day 1 of CES 2019

After a 17 hour trip from London, I woke up in Las Vegas early Sunday morning after 3 hours of sleep (I do get excited when I’m In this town) and I went out on a little recce in a part of the city I haven’t seen in years. Sunday is mostly set-up and finish-up […]

Agency Growth Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful (Here’s Our Secret)

Bringing our furry friends into the office has a reach that extends beyond the “cool” factor”. They also help relieve stress and build relationships, as our CEO Jeff Katz recently told the Atlanta Business Chronicle. “The dogs don’t know what department you are in and who you hang out with,” he explained, “[so] when a dog walks into someone’s […]


I always look forward to early January. To me, it means my annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas, and the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2019 January 7-12. It’s arguably the largest Tech and Gadget show in the world. A world of innovation, with 184,279 attendees in 2018 (2/3rds of them from the U.S.) 3,900 exhibitors, on 240,000 sq. […]

The Personal Side of Data – And How to Find It

Recently we talked about creating better content by looking at data from another perspective, but how can we find information that gives us those personal insights? Below you’ll find 7 ways to approach research (and data) differently. Look in the places you don’t initially expect: Find the places where people speak plainly and honestly about […]

The Personal Side of Data – And Why It Matters

Spotify recently released their “Spotify Wrapped” for 2018, an occasion I look forward to every year. Thanks to having some of the richest data on the internet, Spotify is able to delight their audiences by giving them a personalized experience they can share with their friends. So what can we learn from Spotify about data? […]

4 Email Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019

With 2018 coming to a close, most email marketing teams are already deep in the planning trenches gearing up for Q1 and Q2 of next year. As many of us saw, this year brought us advancements in automation, the tug of war between personalization and privacy, and the rise of the emoji subject line. Sure […]

Pairing Audio News Releases with Satellite Media Tours

One of the more fascinating aspects of public relations these days is the recognition and acceptance of today’s complex omnichannel distribution model. It’s no secret that practitioners like you and I are inundated with a litany of options and scenarios to consider for any campaign. With scope and goals custom to each project, this new […]

Ain’t No Party Like a DEFINITION 6 Party

It’s understandable to question the significance of office parties after hearing horror stories that have led to dismissals, legal trouble, or worse. With many companies taking extra steps to incorporate casual gatherings, lunches, and happy hours year-round, holding a big company party during the busiest quarter of year might even seem counterintuitive. However, with employee engagement at its […]

SCAD Savannah Film Festival 2018

It’s that time of year again as SCAD (The Savannah College Of Art and Design) throws one of the best parties anywhere with movies, food, stars, fabulous locations and tens of thousands of our closest friends. It’s the 21st Savannah Film Festival, and I’ve got the credential and the goodie bag, so I’m ready to go. […]

Creative Research for the Win

PR is a world where sub-par ideas and concepts will not trump the “paid” media element.  Inundated with creative ideas and sexy content, it can often be difficult to compete with all the brands for positioning with earned editorial content. As many brands struggle to write compelling press releases that contain relevant (and more importantly) interesting content, there […]

6 Ways WE tv Leverages Instagram Stories to Create Audience Storytelling Magic

Every Day is a New Opportunity to Engage: WE tv social media gurus share their top tips for Instagram Stories success. When it comes to storytelling, it’s probably fair to say that WE tv has got the inside track. The US reality TV network is based on, and built around, telling human stories. The challenge […]

I Want My Free TV (and any other video content I consume)!

I don’t want too many commercials, and I don’t want to pay for a ton of subscriptions. So, what’s left? Steal it? I don’t think so. Let’s look at the numbers, shall we? Television is still one of the major mass media of the United States. The Consumer Electronics Association said, as of 2011, household […]

One weekend. One website. Seven volunteers. Infinite caffeine.

60 cups of Batdorf & Bronson coffee, 15 Red Bulls, and ten Mountain Dews is about the amount of caffeine it took to get the DEFINITION 6 team through this past weekend’s 48-hour hackathon-style event: 48in48. 48in48 is a social entrepreneurship organization that brings local professionals together to create websites and digital materials to help local […]

The TL;DR October 15, 2018

This week we’re chatting about Facebook Marketing Partner updates, how to use hashtags, and how to create viral content. Facebook Updates Marketing Partner Program Facebook recently held its annual marketing partner summit, and they announced several updates at the event. Read on to find out more and check out the full article here. The TL;DR Facebook […]

Pairing Audio News Releases with Radio Media Tours

I’m a Millennial, and guess what? I love radio. As a consumer, I love its history and ability to adapt over the years. I love it for its array of content and programming. Its roots foster creativity, and there’s something for everyone. Talk shows and programming during our daily commute enrich our lives. C’mon! What’s […]

11 Football Principles that Translate to Public Relations

Ah, the beginning of the Fall has arrived. It’s a busy time for us PR and marketing pros because it signifies the final push for results by the end of the calendar year. With a ‘use-it or lose-it’ budget in most cases, we try to find tactics to land as much top-tier media coverage as […]

The Art of the Trailer Edit

Admit it…you love to watch the trailers before a feature film in the theater. I know I look forward to seeing what’s new at the movies, and the more exciting and compelling, the better. We used to call them “coming attractions.” When they are at their best, they make you want to go see the […]

A Contact is Not a Relationship, but it’s a Good Start

Relationships are the key to success in every field. Here are my top 20 ways to help create an effective business relationship. Find a point of commonality Build on trust The little things count (like remembering birthdays or anniversaries) Don’t sell all the time Stay in touch Don’t be annoying Make relationship building a goal […]

DEFINITION 6’s Tips for a Successful Satellite Media Tour

The Three T’s: Topic, Timing, Talent: Topic When considering a topic for your media tour, it’s important to “look for the hook”. A timely, topical news hook can help ensure media coverage. It’s important to evaluate how your brand’s message can fit into the current news cycle. If you are unsure of a relevant hook that […]

Is Voice Tech Ready for Prime-Time?

“Voicebot” reports that nearly 50 million voice assisted devices are in use in the U.S. to date. That’s a pretty well-regarded estimate in the industry right now. The more these smart speakers permeate our lives, the more “skills” are created to make our lives better. But it’s not just about listening to music (which many […]

5 Tips to Adapt to an Integrated Agency World

Let’s start off with complete transparency… I’ve only been in the PR and Communications industry for six years! If you’re still reading, you’re probably one of the agency pros who accepts change and has an understanding that the PR, Marketing, Digital, Social and Advertising spaces are slowly merging. With that integration comes the need for […]

D6 Gives Back: Atlanta Food Bank

DEFINITION 6 Day of Service at the Atlanta Community Food Bank Volunteering is a big part of giving back to the community. It can be one of the most rewarding ways of giving back to the society as it’s usually a very hands-on experience. DEFINITION 6 had an excellent opportunity to volunteer at the Atlanta Community […]

The TL;DR July 23, 2018

This week we’re covering Facebook’s ad transparency tools, researching on Reddit, and why people unfollow on Twitter. 4 Ways Facebook’s Ad Transparency Tools Are Good For Marketers Facebook’s new ad transparency tools aren’t just good for consumers – they’re good for marketers too. Read on to find out how it affects marketers. You can see […]

A Look into China’s Most Dominant App

Keeping up with all of the apps we have at our fingertips here in the US is a daunting task. There’s always an update to each of these every time you look. And if you think you’re doing something cool, outcomes something even cooler. Complicate this with the different functions of these apps. As form […]

The Evolution of “Voice of Brand”

BY DEFINITION, “VOICE OF BRAND” MEANS THAT THE PERSONALITY OF YOUR BRAND IS DETERMINED BY THE WORDS YOU USE TO DESCRIBE IT AND THE IMPRESSION THOSE WORDS LEAVE ON THE CUSTOMER. But now there is another definition.  But there is another definition. “Voice of Brand” is also the sound of your brand and the emotional impact […]

One Year Back in #AgencyLife

In May, I hit the one-year mark working at DEFINITION 6. The time flew. I had spent my early career on the agency side, at DEFINITION 6 in fact. I had spent that time focused on resource management first as a Traffic Manager then working my way up to VP Operations, but always solely focused […]

Are There Any Guarantees in Business? Maybe One, Sales Growth.

A client recently asked us if we can guarantee 10% sales growth with the DEFINITION 6 approach to their needed digital transformation. We smiled and confidently said, “yes”. Really. We’ve seen it time and time again. To achieve that level of sales growth (and more) it takes a disciplined approach and an organization getting serious […]

VR is a Numbers Game

Recently I had the opportunity to moderate an important panel at the spring Digital Hollywood where there was no shortage of brilliant minds. Joining me and a hundred or so attendees was: • Roy Taylor, former head of VR production for AMD and BAFTA Board member • Camille Cellucci, head of production for The Void • Lora Feinman, head of sales forJaunt • […]

VR is Dead (again)

Now that I’ve got your attention, I want to suggest a completely plausible defense for such a statement. The headgear is uncomfortable There isn’t that much good stuff to watch I get headaches when I wear the goggles for too long  It’s only good for gamers  You get the drift, so I’ll stop there, at […]

Variety Entertainment & Technology Summit Recap: Content is Still King

Content is still king… At the #VARIETYENTTECH summit in NYC on May 4th, thought leaders from media agencies and networks alike joined a bevy of heavily credentialed folks from brands including HBO, Amazon, NBC, Target, Snapchat, Disney and Spotify to name a few. Keynote speakers and panelists lauded the increasingly, insatiable appetite for new content, […]

Vox Populi*: More from The Next New Normal

Vox Populi*: More from The Next New Normal “The virtual personal assistant is romanticized in utopian portrayals of the future from The Jetsons to Star Trek. It’s the cultured, disembodied voice at humanity’s beck and call, eager and willing to do any number of menial tasks.”  –Engadget Welcome to the future. Audio assistants and their Video cousins are […]

D6 Moves to New Offices in NYC – Press Release

Designed for Collaboration and Client Service, Digital Marketing Agency DEFINITION 6 Moves to New Offices in NYC ATLANTA/NYC, May 4, 2018 — Digital marketing agency DEFINITION 6 is now serving clients from new offices at 218 West 40th Street in New York City. Designed for maximum collaboration and incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the agency’s new 14,000 s.f. office currently […]

We live, eat, and breathe social media.

We live, eat, and breathe social media. As two millennials working in the field, we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat basically 24/7. We can’t complain. However, just because we spend so much time on the various channels, doesn’t mean we know everything (even though we sometimes think we do!). Platforms and algorithms are constantly […]

DEFINITION 6 – The Name, The Number, The Next Big Thing

For over 20 years, one question I often get is “So what’s with the name?”. The name DEFINITION 6 embodies our brand. When the company launched, the industry was changing, and we were at the forefront of something big. A single word defined the future: “Transformation.” As leaders and catalysts and solutionists for the digital […]

Virtual Reality Bars: The Next Big Thing?

Tossing back your favorite cocktail while flying through space in a tricked out spaceship sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but this has become a reality in cities around the world. Bars, lounges, and even nightclubs across the US have started using virtual reality (VR) to attract millennials with an elevated drinking experience, […]

The Masters of Marketing SCAD aTVFest

PT BARNUM might have said… you cant’ see the show if you aren’t in the tent. That’s why modern TV and digital marketers make promos, create print ads, hang giant billboards, post on social media, create content marketing and interactive gags, and more. To get people into the tent, to watch a show, engage with […]

The TL;DR March 19, 2018

This week we’re talking about vertical video on Instagram, Generation Z’s complicated relationship with social media and the ideal sizes for images across all social networks.  4 Tips On Creating Effective Vertical Content With Instagram Stories only growing more popular, the platform released a few tips on how to get the most out of their […]

The TL;DR January 16, 2018

This week we’re talking about Facebook’s big algorithm change, how to create a better content marketing strategy, and an overview of tools for creating personas. Facebook’s Big Algorithm Change Facebook recently announced that it’s making big changes to its algorithm, most importantly prioritizing friend & family content. You can read the full article here. The TL;DR: […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite (48in48) Things

I participated in my first 48in48 event this weekend in Atlanta – what an experience! Herewith, a few of my favorite things: Feeling good. It’s true that to give back feels good, and I felt good about helping the non-profit we were assigned. We were able to create a website with thought to usability, design aesthetic, sharp copy […]

What We Learned at the Digital Hollywood VR/AR ThinkTank

A few things we Learned at the Digital Hollywood “VR/AR ThinkTank” at The Media Summit in NYC on March 7th, 2018 With, Joanna Popper: HP Aaron Luber: Google Lora Feinman: Jaunt Frank Radice: DEFINITION 6 Jason Farkas: CNN Everyone agreed that we would not refer to VR/AR/MR and all other combinations of VR like letters anymore…instead […]

What is a Promo in Today’s World?

I was lucky to attend the Masters of Marketing panel at the SCAD aTVFest on Friday. DEFINITION 6’s Expert in Residence Frank Radice moderated the panel, and our CEO Jeff Katz joined Rick Lewchuck of CNN, Ron Hayes of NBC Universal and Jill Hotchkiss from Disney Worldwide as speakers. Just looking at these names and companies, you can immediately […]

The TL;DR January 29, 2018

This week we’re talking about a potential return of Vine, six video marketing habits to leave in 2017, and the secrets of referable brands.  A Spiritual Successor to Vine While Vine was shut down in late 2016/early 2017, Don Hofmann, one of the original creators, is working on an app that could be a spiritual […]

Time to Give Public Relations the Full Toolset

Laura Pair, Synaptic Digital’s SVP and Group Sales Director talks about what she sees are the most critical issues facing PR professionals in 2018. “The media landscape and the nature of modern communication has changed significantly in the last decade, but the last few years have seen a revolution. More than ever, public relations is […]

The Latest Edition of “The Next New Normal”

The latest edition of “The Next New Normal,” took place at NATPE 2018 on Miami Beach On Day one. We set out to discuss the innovations in the media landscape, and in the end, make some predictions about what may lay ahead. On the panel was Jesse Redniss, Chief Innovations Officer at Turner, Peter Naylor, […]

NATPE 2018

Must See Predictions About the Future of Television and Visual Media NATPE 2018 in Miami is sure to be one of the most interesting markets ever. A few years ago, the “Normal” of the broadcast television and video business was disrupted by Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, and it begat “The New Normal” with platforms like YouTube, […]

Behind the Scenes at the Recent Siemens Competition

A story of teamwork bringing an event to life through TV and Social Recently the DEFINITION 6 Siemens team traveled to The George Washington University in Washington, DC for the finals of the Siemens Competition, the nation’s premier math, science and technology research competition for high school students. Six individuals and six teams (21 kids total) […]

The Power of Content

When powerful content evokes emotion Did you ever watch a video and feel your heart swell up, feel those tears start to prick your eyes, feel something bigger than yourself? That happened to me this past Saturday. It was unexpected, and it was real. I “felt all the feels” as the kids say these days. […]

In “The Next Normal,” What We Now Know as Television Will be Dead…

“The Next Normal” In “the next normal,” what we now know as television will be dead, and marketing the next iteration of TV will not be dependent on brand. These are two bold yet not mutually exclusive statements. People don’t watch brands…they watch video. Spending to market NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, all the cable channels […]

Recap of the Savannah Film Festival 2017

This year the Savannah Film Festival celebrated the 20th anniversary with 50,000 fans, filmmakers, media, and students of the Savannah College of Art and Design. I had the great honor to represent DEFINITION 6 and to host four amazing participants this year; actress, Willow Shields, Director, Norman Stone, Executive Producer and Oscar nominated production designer, […]

The Savannah Film Festival 2017

This Year the Savannah Film Festival Celebrates its 20th Anniversary. The Savannah College of Arts and Design annually host international filmmakers, stars, press, and fans (this year they expect more than 50,000 people to attend) for 2 weeks of screenings, panels, master classes, and of course, networking and parties. I’ve had the great honor to […]

D6 Gives Back: My First 48in48

My First 48in48 Sure, it sounds cheesy, but giving back leaves you with a warm feeling that’s hard to come by—seriously! Being surrounded by kind people who’ve decided to spend their time taking action and bettering some part of their community, without any monetary motivations, is a nice change of pace from the discord that […]

VR + AR for News and Non-Scripted Content: A Conversation at Digital Hollywood 2017

A conversation at Digital Hollywood 2017 It was all set…until it wasn’t! 3 key members of the panel dropped out for work (which in VR World, always comes first) on the 2 days prior to the event. I panicked (a little) until I reached out to my pals at the TV Academy to see who […]

From Facebook Posts to Tumblr Memes: 3 Tips on How to Talk to Fandoms

With the continued success of superhero movies and the resurgence of SciFi/Fantasy on TV, geek culture is more visible today than it has been in years. This, of course, makes fandoms a hot commodity for marketers and brands. In theory, marketing to geeks seems like an easy enough task, but in practice it is significantly […]

A Senior Art Director’s Approach to Design

As Senior Art Director, my approach to design can impact not only the final product, but the team I work with as well. Therefore, I’ll break down my design approach into “philosophies.” Some of these are about the process, some are about the overall attitude toward design, and some are just tips and advice that […]

Shifting the Hero Perspective

The Real Hero’s Consumer Journey If you ask most companies who the hero of their brand story is, an alarming number will point to themselves, the brand. They are, sadly, mistaken. More importantly, they could be losing customers, if not in sheer numbers then certainly in emotional buy-in. When brands focus on themselves and how […]

6 Steps to Help Get Your PSA Aired

PSA campaigns are a great way for nonprofits to share their message through broadcast. But just because broadcast outlets run PSAs for free, it doesn’t mean getting your spot on the air is easy. Successful PSA campaigns are built through preparation, pitching, persistence and patience (and sometimes prayer). Television stations receive hundreds of PSA submissions […]

Covering Events for Social Media: It Ain’t As Easy As You Think

When part of your job includes being able to attend entertainment events and cover them on social media for a client, people think it’s all fun and games (understandably so). While fun times will definitely be had, make no mistake— there’s still a lot of work involved in making sure everyone (especially the client) walks […]

Hire Millennials

(Because the stereotype is bull) Let’s start with this—I am a millennial who chooses to wake up, kick ass and repeat…day after day. Not because I have to, because I want to. I am fortunate enough to have a career that challenges me at a company that provides an environment that keeps me engaged and […]

Navigating the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is a wild, crazy, keep-you-on-your-toes industry. Unlike other career paths, like law, medicine or even entrepreneurship, the journey down the path to an entertainment-related career can sometimes be near impossible to find, which is why it’s important to not be afraid of forging your own. I may be dating myself a little, but from […]

How BuzzFeed Makes Me More Productive

No, this isn’t satire. And there’s no twist ending either. I’ve been easily distracted for as long as I can remember. I have a nice habit of rabbit-holing – start on one article that’s relevant to the task at hand, click three more links on the side of the page and keep going until I […]

How the Gig Economy Impacts Full-Service Restaurant Customer Experiences

I spend a lot of time thinking about how businesses use technology to deliver value to their customers. One of the more interesting developments over the past decade is the rise of ubiquitous restaurant delivery – Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and others. But a great delivery experience isn’t only about handing food off to a […]