Charlie Eisenhardt


Charlie Eisenhardt is an award-winning creative editor with over 23 years experience in broadcast television editing. He started his career working on ground-breaking shows and on-air promotions for television networks like MTV, VH1, CBS, NBC, AMC, HBO, SyFy Channel, Nickelodeon, A&E/History, BRAVO, IFC, USA, ESPN, their spinoff networks and many, many more. Charlie also worked in the music industry and has an ear for sound design and music.

Charlie enjoys working on promo campaigns for networks and brands adding his creative touch to client projects. Repeat clients know of his ability to take esoteric ideas and turn them into cinematic image & brand messages.

He has won numerous industry awards for his work and is no stranger to high-profile projects. Charlie always brings a creative eye and ear promising to elevate projects to the next level.

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