Doug Dimon


Doug is Creative Director for DEFINITION 6’s NYC office. He leads creative strategy development and execution for the agency’s New York clients, specializing in the integration of interactive experiences, visual storytelling, and brand relationships.

Doug has worked as a programmer, a motion designer, and an agency creative director, leveraging his technical skills and creative talents in each of those roles. He joined DEFINITION 6 through the agency’s acquisition of Creative Bubble. As a principal and senior creative, Doug led creative direction for a wide variety of client initiatives, including award-winning work for Coca-Cola, Showtime, USA Network, History, HBO, NBC and Comedy Central.

Doug began his professional career as a programmer for IBM. After hours, he took commissions for paintings, murals and other art pieces. It wasn’t until 1993 that Doug decided to combine his technical skills and artistic talents and pursue a career in motion design – the rest is history. Doug is a graduate of Clarkson University where he studied Computer Science.

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