Radio Media Tours

According to Nielsen, 93% of U.S. adults 18 and older listen to radio every week – making it America’s top reach medium with mass appeal among diverse audiences. Our dedicated team of industry experts will deliver your story to audiences in radio markets across the country, helping you achieve your campaign objectives and ROI goals.

• Editorial strategy and pitch development
• Dedicated media manager
• Booking of interviews
• Media tour producer
• Archive recording of all interviews
• Creation of :60 English language ANR generating 18-60M impressions
• Comprehensive reporting with Nielsen radio audience figures

Audio News Releases

Radio is currently the top reach platform in the United States, reaching more people every week than television, digital, or mobile.
Audio News Releases (ANRs) allow you to reach radio’s broad listening audience with 60-second scripted radio news segments that include up to two soundbites from your spokesperson and is distributed to radio stations nationwide. (English or Spanish available)

• Story consultation
• Script development
• Production
• Soundbites recording
• Digital editing
• In-house voiceover
• Final Report, including airings with market, rank, time, date, and Nielsen Audience figures

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