It’s 2021. Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Hackers. Data breaches. Ransomware. It could be the script for an ‘80s sci-fi movie. But today, it’s a concern that keeps managers up at night at every company that does business online (aka, most everyone these days). 

Information security evolved from being a distant-future concept to an everyday concern. Data, which was once an abstract idea, is now the bread and butter of various businesses. That’s why ensuring that all your data, exchanges, and overall operation are kept secure and private is crucial. And DEFINITION 6 can help. 

Staying Secure

Working with sensitive information has always been a challenge, but ever since online transactions became the standard, the lines got blurred. That’s why many companies today choose to work with certified partners who have been audited by a third party and follow strict security protocols—such as SOC 2 Type I and TPN Compliance. 

SOC 2 Type 1, Explained
Service organization control (SOC) 2 is a report that makes sure the audited company follows Trust Services Criteria (see below.) The company’s processes and systems are evaluated as a whole—not only the IT department.
  • Security
  • The mandatory criterion, security, proves that DEFINITION 6 can handle your information securely and privately throughout its whole lifecycle within the company. It shows how we can protect your information from unauthorized disclosure and access, and that we keep systems in place to diminish the risk of mismanaging it. 

  • Availability
  • This critical criterion proves that DEFINITION 6 has systems in place to support and keep our secure operations running, from performance monitoring to doing data backups. 

  • Confidentiality
  • This is a crucial criterion that DEFINITION 6 follows that helps ensure trade secrets, personal information, and more sensitive information is handled securely, through encryption and restricted access. 

  • Processing Integrity
  • When DEFINITION 6 processes information, you can rest assured that it’s in a manner that’s safe from unexpected errors while also being done in a timely manner that leads to accurate results. 

  • Privacy
  • This category relates to how safely and accurately DEFINITION 6 handles personal information—how we collect, store, disclose, and dispose of it. 

If you work in the entertainment industry, you understand that confidentiality is a key component of the business. At DEFINITION 6, we know that, too. That’s why we maintain the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) compliancewith third-party auditing. These protocols replaced the MPAA certification for entertainment and help reassure you that we can handle your information accurately and securely—after all, no one likes spoilers. 

Caring is not  sharing—and DEFINITION 6 knows that. We handle sensitive information securely and privately, ensuring that all parts are kept safe from potential data breaches. We don’t see cybersecurity as a nice-to-have but as a must-have. Because we work with Forbes 500 clients who work at the speed of technology, we understand the importance of having streamlined processes to reassure our partners. 

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