In this digital world, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve, for the sake of your customers and your team. At DEFINITION 6, we do the work of three third-party partners under one umbrella, leveraging technology to deliver best-in-class experiences from start to finish. 


Key Insights to Grow Your Business

DEFINITION6, Emtec, and Wave6 have merged into one entity, making us a one-stop for transportation and logistics companies looking to resolve key industry pain points across creative, marketing, digital experience, and technology needs. With over 10 years of domain experience, we work with 14 of the Top 50 North American logistics firms, plus over 40 transportation and logistics clients. In our deep-dive discovery phase, our team pinpoints your key insights, from offerings to online presence. We develop a plan to elevate your brand using this existing data. 

Tailoring to Your Business’s Needs

No operation is one-size fits all. We create custom solutions based on where you are, where you want to go, and any pain points you’ve found along the way. 

  • Services
  • – Digital Consulting
    – Digital Product Design
    – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    – Salesforce Transporation & Logistics Accelerators
    – Omnichannel Technology Solutions
    – Real-Time Analytics & Insights
    – Operational & Fulfillment Automation

Helping Your Customers

We understand transportation and logistics need happy customers to keep moving. Our team will help you create customer-friendly systems and solutions to keep those orders coming in! 

  • Services
  • – Salesforce Transportation & Logistics Accelerators 
    – Digital Consulting 
    – Customer Community- Marketing Automation, Personalization, & CRM 
    – PR Services 
    – Digital Product Design 
    – UX Creative & Design 
    – Customer Churn & Revenue Realization Insights 
    – Real-Time Analytics & Insights

Optimizing Your Supply Chain

With the right technology, you can streamline your systems to work smarter, not harder. We provide technology solutions and tactics to bring your business into the future. 

  • Services
  • – Managed Software Services
    – Intelligent & Cognitive Automation 
    – Enhanced Visibility & Analytics
    – Salesforces Expansion, Optimization, & New Implementation
    – Driver Engagement 
    – Final Mile Solutions

Managing Your Shipments

When it comes to transportation and logistics, the shipment journey is essential. We will help you incorporate new technologies and systems to better manage and track shipments. 

  • Services
  • – Platform Engineering
    – Technology Solutions
    – Real-Time Analytics & Insights
    – Software Development & Quality Engineering
    – Pricing Solutions from LTL to Dedicated Services
    – Customer Churn & Revenue Realization Insights
    – Know Your Shipper Accelerator

Including Your Employees

Transitions can be hard. We provide you with the tools and techniques to train your team on the new systems and solutions we create. 

  • Services
  • – Developing Transportation & Logistics Solutions via Salesforce
    – Managed Software Services
    – Intelligent & Cognitive Automation
    – AV Services
    -Salesforce Support & Advisory Services
    – T&L Sales & Service Cloud Quick Implementation
    – Driver Engagement

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