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Millennial Buying Behavior: Understanding the Shift

In today’s rapidly evolving market, understanding millennial buying behavior has become crucial for businesses aiming to thrive and grow. As the preferences of the new generation of buyers continue to shape the market, companies must adapt their strategies to protect their market share. In this article, we will explore the key considerations and tactics businesses […]

Introducing Bridgenext, a New Digital Consultancy Focused on Delivering Digital Realization

Jacksonville, FL — February 1, 2024 — Emtec, a global provider of digital consulting, product engineering, marketing, and technology services with more than 25 years of delivery excellence, announced today that it is unifying its businesses and will now be known as Bridgenext. It brings Emtec, Emtec Digital, Wave6 and DEFINITION 6 together into one […]

Your Guide to Marketing Cloud Personalization

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, personalization is the linchpin of engaging and retaining customers. Marketing Cloud Personalization, formerly known as Interaction Studio, is Salesforce’s real-time personalization and interaction management solution, seamlessly integrated into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This comprehensive guide delves into how you can harness Marketing Cloud Personalization to deliver unique and highly […]

Predictive Analytics’ Impact on Logistics CX

Introduction to Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence In an era where data is the new oil, leveraging it to optimize logistics CX is no longer optional—it’s imperative. Predictive analytics, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance customer experience through data-driven insights. Predictive analytics examines historical data to forecast future outcomes, while […]

Your Top 5 Questions About Broadcast Media Tours, Answered

In the fast-paced world of broadcast, media tours are a valuable tool for brands to reach large audiences and deliver their message authentically. Whether you’re a seasoned PR pro or new to the SMT, we’ve got you covered. 1. What is a Broadcast Media Tour? Broadcast media tours, also known as SMTs and VMTs, are […]

9 Best Practices for Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Achieving a seamless customer service experience is the aim of any robust CRM system, and Salesforce Service Cloud is no exception. With its diverse suite of features tailored for customer engagement, support, and service, it is a go-to platform for many businesses. If you’re in the planning or early stages of Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, […]

The Future of Guest Management with Salesforce Hospitality

The hospitality industry has experienced unprecedented challenges and opportunities, especially in the wake of increased travel and consumer expectations. The central role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has never been more critical in ensuring hotels not just survive but thrive in this competitive landscape. In this post, we delve into the future of guest management, […]

Unlocking Revenue with Salesforce for Logistics

In an age where technological advancements dictate the pace of every industry, the logistics sector is no exception. With rapidly increasing e-commerce orders and rising customer expectations, businesses are turning to comprehensive solutions like Salesforce for logistics to maintain their edge. Here’s why this move is proving transformative for many. The Logistics Landscape Today The […]

4 Benefits of Salesforce Travel and Hospitality Solutions

In today’s hyper-competitive and digitally evolved travel industry, customer expectations are sky-high. The search for seamless, personalized, and immersive travel experiences drives the industry, necessitating the adoption of innovative solutions. One solution leading the pack is Salesforce’s travel and hospitality suite. Here, we explore the top benefits of the Salesforce travel and hospitality solutions and […]

What is a Marketing Forecast?

Accurately predicting consumer behavior based upon data was the promise of the digital revolution. Sure, that reality took a few more years to come to fruition than the futurists predicted.  But for today’s marketer, decisions that were once based upon gut instinct and intuition can now be confidently driven by data in the form of […]

4 Brand Benefits of a Broadcast Media Tour

As a public relations or marketing professional, you know that promoting your brand is crucial to attract and retain customers. Media tours are one of the most effective ways to share a brand’s story with millions of consumers and achieve large scale reach in a single activation. A media tour delivers your story to audiences […]

4 Ways to Pick an SMT Company (A Biased Review)

In the digital age, finding the right satellite media tour (SMT) company to spend your PR dollars can be challenging. However, making the right choice is crucial for increasing consumer engagement and building brand awareness. In this blog post, we’ll explore four ways to pick an SMT company that can help you achieve your broadcast […]

The New Era of Purchasing Behavior in B2B Sales

purchasing behavior + The New Era of Purchasing Behavior in B2B Sales

B2B Buying Behavior: Creative Solutions for Long-Term Growth

purchasing behavior + The New Era of Purchasing Behavior in B2B Sales

Buying Behavior: 7 New Insights for B2B Leaders

Shifting buying behavior isn’t new. For as long as there have been buyers, there have been behavioral shifts. But the pace of that change has accelerated, fed by development of net new technologies and cultural evolution. Until now, changes in buying behavior have been limited to consumers. That’s no longer the case. 75% of the […]

B2B Buyer Behavior: Navigating the New Era

B2B Buyer Behavior Favors Self-Service As B2B buyer behavior evolves towards self-serving decisions and reduced reliance on traditional service models, businesses must adapt to protect their market share. In this article, we explore strategies to navigate the new era of buyer decisions and deliver value to customers through a blend of digital and human interactions. […]

Salesforce Automation and Data Analysis

Companies are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. Automation has emerged as a key solution to achieving these goals. By automating repetitive tasks and processes, businesses can save time and money, while also improving accuracy and reducing errors. Salesforce, one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, offers a range […]

Salesforce Automation: A Definitive Guide

Salesforce automation is a powerful tool that can streamline and simplify the sales and marketing process. By automating tasks and workflows, businesses can save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore what Salesforce automation is, how it works, and the various tools available to help businesses automate their processes. We’ll also […]