6 Entertainment Marketing Campaigns We Can’t Stop Talking About

From creative strategy to post-production, our award-winning Entertainment Marketing team creates campaigns that move the needle for movie studios, TV networks, and streamers in entertainment and sports. Sound design, live-action production, key art, editorial—if you can dream it, D6 can bring it to life. And it’s been a busy 2022 around the D6 studios, helping […]

Advertising in the Time of Coronavirus

Brave New World All you have to do is visit Times Square in New York City, Piccadilly Circus in London, or Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, and the empty streets tell the story. What once were crowded, brightly lit by huge electronic billboards, public squares, have become something out of a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie. If […]

The TL;DR November 26, 2019

This week we’re talking 2020 SEO trends, Facebook’s new ad placement control, and engaging your audience with storytelling. Just in case you missed last week’s edition, we have it right here for you. 5 Major SEO Trends That Will Influence Your Work in 2020 SEO allows you to always have a hand on the pulse and provide […]

The TL;DR June 4, 2019

This week we’ll discuss content marketing metrics, marketing automation, and how consumers feel about ad personalization. 5 Better Metrics for Measuring Content Marketing: Considering how time-consuming content marketing can be, it’s important to be able to measure it accurately. Here are 5 metrics for better content marketing – you can check out the full article here. […]

The TL;DR April 23, 2018

The week we’re talking about Facebook’s new video formats, how to get people further down the ad funnel, and ten ways to better utilize carousels on Instagram. Facebook Tests Out New Video Formats In it’s continuing quest to keep visitors on its platform, Facebook is currently testing out a couple of new video formats – […]

The TL;DR February 12th, 2018

This week we’re talking about the best ads from the Big Game, how to create loyal customers and Pinterest’s seasonal cycles. The 5 Best Ads from The Big Game This year’s game was full of showstopping ads – here are the top five, according to Adweek. You can read more and watch the spots here. The […]

Time to Give Public Relations the Full Toolset

Laura Pair, Synaptic Digital’s SVP and Group Sales Director talks about what she sees are the most critical issues facing PR professionals in 2018. “The media landscape and the nature of modern communication has changed significantly in the last decade, but the last few years have seen a revolution. More than ever, public relations is […]