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Is Voice Tech Ready for Prime-Time?

“Voicebot” reports that nearly 50 million voice assisted devices are in use in the U.S. to date. That’s a pretty well-regarded estimate in the industry right now. The more these smart speakers permeate our lives, the more “skills” are created to make our lives better. But it’s not just about listening to music (which many […]

Vox Populi*: More from The Next New Normal

Vox Populi*: More from The Next New Normal “The virtual personal assistant is romanticized in utopian portrayals of the future from The Jetsons to Star Trek. It’s the cultured, disembodied voice at humanity’s beck and call, eager and willing to do any number of menial tasks.”  –Engadget Welcome to the future. Audio assistants and their Video cousins are […]