What’s the True Measure of GA4, Google’s Newest Analytics Platform?

Google Analytics has some big changes coming. Here’s what you need to know and when to take action.

VIDEO: Why Performance Marketing is Critical to Your Success

What the Numbers Mean and Why They Matter Whether you call it performance, acquisition, or behavioral marketing, marrying data to creative is now a critical function that all entertainment services must practice. From nascent streamers, to linear networks or full-fledged digital platforms, working with data is no longer optional. Fine-tuning the process of wringing the […]

6 Reasons Your A/B Test Failed (And What to Do About It)

Are your A/B tests ending with a shrug? Too often, A/B test results are inconclusive or worse, incorrect. A carefully designed A/B test avoids these common mistakes below. 1. You Didn’t Use Randomized Groups An A/B test must be free of bias. By randomizing the placement of your test population into A and B groups, […]

6 Common Data Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

These common issues can torpedo your reporting and analytics initiatives. Make your data work harder and generate higher-quality insights by avoiding these key mistakes. 1. Analysis Without Objectives Without a defined set of business objectives, your analytics efforts are going to struggle. Before diving into your data blindly, ensure that you have gone through a […]

Turning Data Into Decisions: Don’t Let Insights Die On the Vine

Learn more about LaunchP.A.D.™ Too often, marketing analytics efforts are “reactive”, and result in few insights and little action. To keep insights from dying on the vine, here are three areas to focus on if you find your organization struggling with actioning data. 1. Integrate analytics into your planning process. Don’t be reactive, and don’t wait […]

How to Make Powerful Data Decisions Using Credible Data Science

Living in a data-driven world is a double-edged sword. While we have staggering amounts of data at our fingertips, we also run the risk of turning it into bad data science. And a decision made based on poor analytics can have a negative impact on business. But we’re not here to talk about the pitfalls […]

The TL;DR March 31, 2020

This week we’re discussing recent online behavioral shifts, steps for streamlining your reporting with AI, and SEO hacks to drive results. In case you missed last week’s edition, you can find it here. Online Behavioral Shifts Amid COVID-19 Are Beginning to Take Shape Due to the various coronavirus lockdowns, we’re adapting to new ways to connect […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing

As the importance of Content marketing continues to expand for nearly every type of business, industry, and brand, it’s critical to remember the importance of taking a measured approach that focuses on value and attribution in order to develop a program with staying power.  At its core, Content Marketing should be viewed as a critical […]

The TL;DR June 11, 2019

This week we’ll dive into LinkedIn’s new research and insights series, Facebook chatbot analytics, and Instagram stats your business needs to know. LinkedIn Announces New Ad Research and Insights Series In its continuing conquest to be the top social network for marketers, LinkedIn has announced two tools aimed at helping marketers learn what ads work […]

The TL;DR April 16, 2019

This week’s roundup covers advanced marketing techniques, reaching Gen Z, and why you should be paying attention to visual search. 5 Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost Your Campaigns We’re all familiar with engagement and on-platform performance, but how can we take our marketing (and data collection) to the next level? These 5 tips can […]

The TL;DR December 18, 2017

Read about following hashtags on Instagram, updates to Google Analytics, and what to look for in marketing in 2018.  Instagram Now Allows Users to Follow Hashtags As Instagram continues to innovate, they’ve announced that users can now follow hashtags. Read the full article here. The TL;DR Users can now follow hashtags the same way they would […]