The TL;DR July 28, 2020

This week we’re discussing Gen Z spending habits, ways to improve your content performance, and insights into effective brand messaging. In case you didn’t read last week’s edition, you can read it here. 5 Things Gen Z Will Spend Money On & Why Marketers Should Care Compared to Millennials, Gen Z tends to be more budget-conscious […]

Advertising in the Time of Coronavirus

Brave New World All you have to do is visit Times Square in New York City, Piccadilly Circus in London, or Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, and the empty streets tell the story. What once were crowded, brightly lit by huge electronic billboards, public squares, have become something out of a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie. If […]

The TL;DR March 10, 2020

This week we’re discussing ways to build a memorable brand, steps for optimizing for local search, and tips on experiential marketing. Didn’t catch last week’s edition? You can read it here. 4 Ways to Build a Memorable Brand Your brand is the identity of your business and how it makes people feel. Check out these four […]

The TL;DR June 18, 2019

This week we’ll be talking about how to leverage immersive reality, how to create a more human, relevant brand, and all the interesting information you need to know about Google. If you missed last week’s edition, you can read it here. How to Leverage Immersive Reality for Your Social Media Strategy Immersive Reality is the umbrella […]