The New Golden Age of Television

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of the things people have gotten used to in their daily lives, but maybe one more than anyone could have expected. The huge losses at the box-office brought on by social distancing have opened up the online distribution of new major feature films. NBCUniversal’s new movie releases including The […]

SCAD Savannah Film Festival 2018

It’s that time of year again as SCAD (The Savannah College Of Art and Design) throws one of the best parties anywhere with movies, food, stars, fabulous locations and tens of thousands of our closest friends. It’s the 21st Savannah Film Festival, and I’ve got the credential and the goodie bag, so I’m ready to go. […]

The Art of the Trailer Edit

Admit it…you love to watch the trailers before a feature film in the theater. I know I look forward to seeing what’s new at the movies, and the more exciting and compelling, the better. We used to call them “coming attractions.” When they are at their best, they make you want to go see the […]