Gen Z

The TL;DR July 28, 2020

This week we’re discussing Gen Z spending habits, ways to improve your content performance, and insights into effective brand messaging. In case you didn’t read last week’s edition, you can read it here. 5 Things Gen Z Will Spend Money On & Why Marketers Should Care Compared to Millennials, Gen Z tends to be more budget-conscious […]

The TL;DR April 28, 2020

This week we’re discussing ways to make your content viral, online search behaviors of Gen Z, and marketing KPIs you should be tracking. You can read last week’s edition here if you didn’t catch it. 6 Ways to Create Content That Markets Itself Since content is constantly being shared across the web, it takes more than simply […]

The TL;DR October 29, 2019

This week we’ll be discussing how to connect with Gen Z, new FTC regulations on buying likes and reviews, and the impacts of 5G on marketing. In case you missed it, check out last week’s issue here. 3 Key Ways to Maximize Your Appeal to Gen Z Having grown up with social media and constant connection, […]

The TL;DR April 16, 2019

This week’s roundup covers advanced marketing techniques, reaching Gen Z, and why you should be paying attention to visual search. 5 Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost Your Campaigns We’re all familiar with engagement and on-platform performance, but how can we take our marketing (and data collection) to the next level? These 5 tips can […]

The TL;DR November 12, 2018

This week we’re discussing the characteristics chatbots should have, Fortnite and Gen Z, and why you should be on Pinterest. 8 Characteristics All Facebook Messenger Chatbots Should Have Chatbots are growing in popularity, but marketers need to be careful to use them correctly. Find out eight tips below and read the full article here. The TL;DR […]

The TL;DR March 5, 2018

This week we’re talking about Facebook Custom Audiences, Instagram Stories, and Millennials vs Generation Z. 5 Facebook Custom Audiences You Should Have With social networks going more towards paid, custom audiences are even more important than ever before. Here are 5 custom audiences every brand should make on Facebook. You can read the full article here. […]

The TL;DR July 7th, 2017

From influencer marketing to the latest shifts in the social media landscape, here’s your of-the-moment update on what you need to know. Streaming Services Now More Common Than Cable According to eMarketer, 67% of US internet users have access to a streaming service, while 61% have cable.  Millennials have access to streaming services at a […]