SCAD Savannah Film Festival 2018

It’s that time of year again as SCAD (The Savannah College Of Art and Design) throws one of the best parties anywhere with movies, food, stars, fabulous locations and tens of thousands of our closest friends. It’s the 21st Savannah Film Festival, and I’ve got the credential and the goodie bag, so I’m ready to go. […]

The Masters of Marketing SCAD aTVFest

PT BARNUM might have said… you cant’ see the show if you aren’t in the tent. That’s why modern TV and digital marketers make promos, create print ads, hang giant billboards, post on social media, create content marketing and interactive gags, and more. To get people into the tent, to watch a show, engage with […]

What is a Promo in Today’s World?

I was lucky to attend the Masters of Marketing panel at the SCAD aTVFest on Friday. DEFINITION 6’s Expert in Residence Frank Radice moderated the panel, and our CEO Jeff Katz joined Rick Lewchuck of CNN, Ron Hayes of NBC Universal and Jill Hotchkiss from Disney Worldwide as speakers. Just looking at these names and companies, you can immediately […]