The Digital Hollywood Experience – Media Summit

VR/AR Think Tank Is virtual reality living up to the hype? Is augmented reality more than just Pokémon Go? What is MR? And now everyone is talking about XR…what the heck is that? Magic Leap just took in another huge round of funding from the Saudi’s, giving their eight year old unseen MR product a multi billion […]

What We Learned at the Digital Hollywood VR/AR ThinkTank

A few things we Learned at the Digital Hollywood “VR/AR ThinkTank” at The Media Summit in NYC on March 7th, 2018 With, Joanna Popper: HP Aaron Luber: Google Lora Feinman: Jaunt Frank Radice: DEFINITION 6 Jason Farkas: CNN Everyone agreed that we would not refer to VR/AR/MR and all other combinations of VR like letters anymore…instead […]