VR is a Numbers Game

Recently I had the opportunity to moderate an important panel at the spring Digital Hollywood where there was no shortage of brilliant minds. Joining me and a hundred or so attendees was: • Roy Taylor, former head of VR production for AMD and BAFTA Board member • Camille Cellucci, head of production for The Void • Lora Feinman, head of sales forJaunt • […]

VR is Dead (again)

Now that I’ve got your attention, I want to suggest a completely plausible defense for such a statement. The headgear is uncomfortable There isn’t that much good stuff to watch I get headaches when I wear the goggles for too long  It’s only good for gamers  You get the drift, so I’ll stop there, at […]

VR + AR for News and Non-Scripted Content: A Conversation at Digital Hollywood 2017

A conversation at Digital Hollywood 2017 It was all set…until it wasn’t! 3 key members of the panel dropped out for work (which in VR World, always comes first) on the 2 days prior to the event. I panicked (a little) until I reached out to my pals at the TV Academy to see who […]