The Challenge

For decades, Claire’s has been the go-to destination for ear piercing, fashion accessories, jewelry, and more. However, while the consumer, category, and cultural backdrops evolved, much of the brand experience remained the same. To appeal to the new generation, and their differing set of values and behaviors from their predecessors, the company embarked on a global brand overhaul in 2021.

The Approach

Immediately, DEFINITION 6 was asked to create a new corporate site to reinforce the evolving face of Claire‘s to the business and financial communities. With only a work-in-progress positioning and visual ID, DEFINITION 6 partnered with the Claire‘s executive team to tell the corporate story in a more modern and intuitive way, quickly creating a new digital design language along the way.

Next was reimagining for a generation of digital natives. Using the new design language as well as insights into the modern Claire‘s consumer, DEFINITION 6 created an immersive experience that pushed the boundaries of eCommerce, spoke to a youth audience in a relatable way, and seamlessly integrated the in-store experience to create a more cohesive customer journey. The site launched in time for the holidays, supporting the brand’s largest marketing push to date, and welcomed consumers to a new world of Claire‘s. 

The company had developed a new visual identity; our job was taking that and applying it to both the corporate and ecom site, and one of the earliest signs of this evolved the brand.

Thom Henkel, VP, Creative Director



25 %

Increase Revenue

50 %

Increase Clicks

35 %

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