The Challenge

Goza Tequila first hit the (top) shelves in 2015 with one goal in mind: To take the intimidation out of tequila. As this up-and-comer gained traction in the notoriously crowded spirits section, it was time for a glow-up. Enter DEFINITION 6   

The Approach

What Goza Tequila needed was CPG as flawless as its triple-filtered-to-perfection tequila. The Atlanta-based brand turned to DEFINITION 6 for a complete branding and package re-design.    

Since “Goza” means “enjoy” in Spanish, we focused our design approach around one core idea: Goza Tequila is the spirit you pour for any occasion. Inspired by this idea, we unveiled La Calavera Catrina-style (“elegant skull”) skeletons in different celebration scenes.   

We created new designs for each of the brand’s tequilas— blanco, reposado, and añejo—inspired by the woodcut illustrations of José Guadalupe Posada, Mexico’s father of graphic art.  

To further showcase how Goza embodies the hospitality of Mexican culture, we tapped into our internal 3D and motion design capabilities to bring to life “Guillermo.” A fun-loving friend, Guillermo represents the good times, memories, and drinks he shares with Goza’s customers—and he can be found on all our marketing material, from cap bands to collateral.   

The Work