The Challenge


TLC’s smash hit show, Say Yes to the Dress, was about to level up with a brand-new series: Say Yes to the Dress America would feature 52 brides saying, “I do!” in a 10-part special. The network chose to collaborate with us to craft an epic launch plan for the Biggest Wedding Event Ever.  

The Approach

When TLC popped the question to us, it was an enthusiastic yes. And like a bride on a mission, we got right to it: From digital to out-of-home, our crew walked down the aisle with the TLC team, crafting a campaign starring the one and only Randy Renoli. We kicked off our digital promotion with attention-grabbing Instagram Story Ads and took to the streets of New York City to create traffic-stopping cab toppers. The icing on our cake? That’d be the dazzling digital billboard in the heart of the city – Times Square. Thanks to a smart campaign featuring enticing creative, this wedding went off without a hitch.  

The Work